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Halo 3 Legendary Edition stocks blown away


What is the Hype about?

I have always been a playstation person up untill the PS3. As such I will probably be buying myself a 360 come xmas time due to the nintendo wii, which I bought on launch day being the biggest dissapointment ever, good games any time soon? Hostestly.

I digress, I have played Halo (1)... and just did not enjoy it at all. I really don't see the hype over this game. It does not have the graphics of upcoming GTA... nor does it have any worthwhile cheats or customisation. If it were much delayed GTA or GT...then fair enough, but to me:

Halo is just another shoot-em-up...nothing special in any way.


Sony to break out of Cell?


PLEASE kill the PS3 toshiba

If they could kill the ps3 it would save us allot of annoyance.

I WAS a playstation fan... untill all the dissapointments and delays.

Now, I am going back to PS2 for the guitar hero games. And will be getting a 360 elite for when GTA comes out. Sony, You have lost yet another customer... if only you had not delayed GTA and GT I might still be with you.

That, and the insane price tag. Plus the fact that without a HD-TV... it is just not worth it.



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