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Strong ARM: The Acorn Archimedes is 25

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Did anyone else look at the RISC-OS 3's templates file in the rom, and find one with the words "Help, I'm being held captive in a sofrware factory" inside one?

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Re: Those were the days

Absolutely there was - Interdictor! With it's colour chart copy protection in the days before colour photocopiers!

NHS looks to prevent Mtas repeat

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No, really, Doctor's recruitment was REALLY bad last year

Interesting the previous poster should randomly assume that us docs are blowing it out of all proportion... Let me highlight a few facts...

1) We had 2 weeks to fill in the application form. It frequently would not respond to requests (apparently they didn't expect 40,000 applications despite being warned), data was lost, questions were changed and help took 48 hours in coming. A phone number was disconnected when too many people started calling it for help.

2) Our personal data (name, address, date of birth, sexuality, criminal convictions, jobs, salary and a description of a time when communucation skills were used) WAS made available on the web with obscurity being the only security. No attempt was made to password protect this file. All you needed was the URL.

3) Shortlisting was supposed to be done on-line. The computer could not cope, so 160,000 applications (4 each) had to be printed out. Is it such a shock some got lost, eaten by the cat or "accidentally" shreaded?

4) The software was not even completed. Job matching software supposed to link the applicants with their highest preference of job was not even complete. They didn't bother to try and use it, but the manual system they came up with just sucked!

5) To doctors it feels like the press is hardly on our side. The BMA is very good at saying how bad boxing is, but considering the bad press about GP pay and incompetent doctors, we don't feel loved!

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