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Intel chief waves wafer full of 'world's first' 32nm chips

Clive Grace

Never mind the wafer...

Isn't it time he got his spectacles upgraded?


Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal

Clive Grace

Steve's Reality Distortion Field is not what it used to be.

Just got back. El Reg you missed nothing. Blagged a place and wished I missed the gig.

Glad to see assorted UK hacks were a bit more restrained and cynical that the majority of the US media buffoons. Still unsure about this applauding thing... I don't like this trend. When did we start doing such things? It was a pretty poor set of announcements so why applaud other then to tell them we have had enough information now please go away.

O2's presence was pretty much to be expected. Everyone nicely iTamed and iTethered. Alas we've seen it all before with Apple and Steve's many business "partners" over the years (hey anyone still remember Carly Fiorina @ HP The Purple iPod Shaftee?). I reckon Starbuck's CEO could be a formidable shafter though...

Oh, and one more thing: I'd really like it if at one of these shindigs when Steve says "And we've a great new advert for [product], we'd like to show it to you... would you like to see it?" The amassed UK hacks would just say "no, its okay just punt us at the YouTube URL later and answer a few more questions without sidestepping them..."

Its weird coming away from an Apple even without the cold shower to wash off the iHalo. Times have changed.



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