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Xbox One site belly-up in global Microsoft cloud catastrophe

Brandon Paddock

Re: So many services use Azure

First off, that's what Azure is... a cloud services platform. Where else would they run their cloud services?

Azure itself isn't down. Still more detail coming out but it looks like there was a global DNS issue which looks to be cleared up now. Unclear where the bad DNS info originated.

Fortunately it looks like the problem didn't last very long.

Brandon Paddock

Re: Groan

Were you being intentionally ironic?

(NT has always been a multi-user multi-threaded OS since day 1, unlike, say, Linux which had such things bolted on later in life).

Brandon Paddock

Working here

The Azure service dashboard seems to be working here, as are the services my company hosts on Azure.

The dashboard says there's a partial service interruption for storage services in the North Central US datacenter, though.

Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise

Brandon Paddock

This article is full of crap

Having Compatibility View on by default for Intranet sites only makes sense. Otherwise, IE8 would break every enterprise in existence. Nobody is complaining about this decision, so quit with the sensationalism about "broken promises." No promise has been broken here.

Second, this article is full of lies or inaccuracies.

Intranet pages, or any other standards-mode page, CAN define itself as being IE8 compatible and then it will never go into Compatibility View, and will NOT have the broken page icon.

So please correct your asinine "article."

Vista attacked by 13-year-old virus

Brandon Paddock

Nothing to do with Vista...

The "virus" in question is essentially a seperate OS of its own. It is booted by the BIOS completely independently of the OS. The exact same thing could happen to machine with Linux on it. Maybe even an Intel Mac.

In fact, Vista is probably the *only* OS that's "immune" if you use BitLocker. Good luck getting the virus to have an effect on a BitLocker system.

You see, this "virus" isn't really a virus at all. It's a bootable application that moves unprotected data on the hard disk. It doesn't do anything malicious or damaging. It's only a "virus" in that it would infect itself onto floppy disks and then spread to other machines when someone tried to boot to one of them.

Now, if you showed that the virus actually ran under Vista and infected new floppy disks - that would be a different story. However, I seriously doubt that's the case. Even then, though - Vista is certainly vulnerable to viruses that existed before it did. That's not Vista's fault - it's job isn't to be an anti-virus system. Vista blocks attack vectors, so that viruses are prevented from getting on your system. It does a better job of that than any other OS available today. But in this case, the virus has nothing to do with Vista. It's code was run before Windows had started - before the hard drive containing the OS had even been accessed by the machine.

The article should reflect that. Or at least, it would if it were written by a reputable source.

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