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Sony Ericsson ponders PlayStation phone


Further market segmentation is not good for consumers

After the K750i, Sony Ericsson decided to segment the market and they started crippling hardware with this walkman or cybershot marketing crap. An example: buy a cybershot branded phone and lose the mega bass from mp3 playback, or all the walkman phones only had 2mp whilst cybershot had 3.2mp.

Now we face further hardware crippling market segmentaion beyond the Walkman / Cybershot branding. Throwing the Playstation brand into the mix means that if we want the best gaming phone, we have to buy a Playstation branded phone. If we want the best camera phone, then we have to buy the Cybershot branded phone, if we want the best MP3 player, then we have to buy the Walkman branded phone. Just like the K750i was in its day, it all should be in one phone.

I want a phone that had the best camera features and photo / video recording features. Also every generation of phone that I have bought has introduced many new features. That is new features and not just re-hashed / improved features from 3 years ago. Sony ericsson competitors include new features in their phones (eg WiFI and GPS) My housemates N95 GPS navigation works great, he doesn't need a separate GPS navigator hardware. My housemate can sit in the lounge room on my BIG tv, browsing the internet through WiFi or playing games with the N95 TV out. I am so jealous. Sony Ericsson is slipping and I would only admit that here because here I am anonymous and I have been such a Sony Ericsson fanboy to all my friends.

I lol at people who say that GPS / WiFI is not needed in mobile phones, they say just use a seperate GPS navigator. That reminds me of the old argument: oh you dont need a digital camera in a mobile phone, use a seperate digital camera hardware and oh you dont need mp3 player in a mobile phone, use a seperate mp3 player hardware. And we all know how that old argument went. Convergence of technology FTW!



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