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Microsoft's IE 8 puts giant web hole on notice


IE is a pain in the BUM!

As a web developer i use Firefox 2, 3, Opera, Safari & M$ IE. For once could IE concentrate on becoming W3C standards compliant. IE's CSS handling is pathetic, breaks. My work renders perfectly in FF, Opera and Safari but IE and there attempt of there own standards is pathetic. Peeps you gotta remember how Bill got his piece of Rubbish Explorer onto our computers. But still a billion Euros fine still doesn't change the fact that IE is an integrated part of the windows system (GASH). For those who use IE Good luck and don't forget your anti virus, anti malware, active x bull droppings. Roll on the day (not too far away) when m$ get out of the software industry, shouldn't be too long now, early look at windoze 7 is laughable.

The penguin coz he knows how to produce good working software.

Jacqui Smith un-downgrades cannabis

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@Liam - The Political party 'no bollocks, we'll listen'

You've got an MP for York,

Poisoned MySpace page masquerades as Windows Update


lack of essential security i suppose

just doesn't effect us linux users. I use my machine for business so i couldn't risk using such insecurity as windoze, good for games, about it.

Hackers unlock iPhone - again


take note and learn...

To this day i'm so proud of the hacking community, they have no understanding on how the closed code works, they spend time and a sh*t load of effort into achieving there goal....(reverse engineering.... wow) This is computing with a passion.. these guys want it to work and work very well... I think these people should be employed in making reliable and usable OS etc. Keep up the good work guys... unfortunatly keeping up the cost of such (over hyped rubbish) alive... Apple/Sony must spend millions of $'s a year on this... catch 22 i think! ... $$$$$$$$$$

PC superstore unhinged by Linux



I had a problem the other day with one of my clients brand new laptop (pre-loaded with windoze vista).. I was tring to re-install this PC with XP, After taking the PC back because it was impossible to do an XP installation install without having to build my own recovery cd etc, they told us that the PC's warranty had been Voided because it didn't have Vista installed.. great news for me, my client happened to be a solicitor and took immediate action.

As a re-seller of Hardware, there has to be a clear Hardware Warranty which can not be bundled with the software that was pre-loaded. The software comes with no warranty.... do you not think MS would have gone down the pan years ago if this was the case. WAKE UP GUYS! MS is for people who want to throw there money into Billion$ companies who dont care about good software just the £$€ signs.....

Welcome to the Open-source revolution. (about time)


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