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Panic in smartphoneland

Scot Grimmer

Expanding Markets - Beyond the US and Europe

I think its worth considering that for many new web users outside the mature markets of US and Europe their first and possibly primary contact with the web may be through their mobile phone/device. This could start to mark a shift in the services offered by handset manufacturers, carriers and software/service providers. In these areas which starts to spread.


You bought into mobile email - what have you got to show for it?

Scot Grimmer

What Happens if you don't Implement....

I think its also worth considering what employees will do and how they will respond if they aren't given access to mobile and productivity tools.

I reckon ....

A large proportion of employees would like mobile email but don't have it for one reason or another.

A good proportion of those employees already forward email to web accounts to access email.

Most of those workers have phones which have an email client allowing push or pull email.

Employees are becoming increasing IT smart and will find out how to make things work if its in their interest.

Mobile operators are offering some incredibly low cost data bundles in the consumer space.

Corporate IT can't do much to stop any of this - it needs to move with it.

Scot Grimmer




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