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Wyse strips down thin client computers



Nice posts. After reading them all, I was thinking that one of the most valid points which relates to disposability is the swap-when-needed, along with the no-time-waster.

All the other views on possibile similar aproaches, with regular systems will most likely have some time consumption of some sort, along with the eventual need for maintenance, being extra time consumption or expense.

While there are isses related with the choice, regarding network dependencies for one, in order to keep it viable and working, extra efforts need to be carried out as a form of backup support.

While not being the one and only solution, it is one, along others, with it's on pros and cons. The cat fight will come in the form of "how to's & what's" to try and make it stand out in the current reality.

To note: I don't know about other existing companies but, Intel and AMD current desktop CPU technology is already capable and further focussing on virtualization.



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