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Toshiba to field HD DVD-equipped Xbox 360?

Joe Pemberton

@ All of you Fanboys

I have not joined either camp but from a neutral observers point of view this move [if there is any truth in it] does reek of copy cat tactics by Toshiba M/Soft.

Sony may have joined the party late but some could argue that they did this to ensure that they got the hardware right. M/Soft have added HDMI, made HDD a requirement and now adding HD-DVD. How long do you think it will be before having an HD-DVD will be compulsory???

A quick Google on price reveals that an Xbox Elite + HD-DVD can be had for £408.89. Yes I am sure that some of you could find a package for a few pence less but like I said it was a quick Google. Can we expect an Xbox 360 with an integrated HD-DVD to be a similar price? This makes the £349.99 asking price for a PS3 seem a bargain.

Both consoles have their merits and pit falls but if M/Soft now integrates HD-DVD into the Xbox it will be as good as admitting that they are in fact now playing catch-up and if/when they make HD-DVD compulsory risk alienating a large proportion of their user base.


Is there a good HTPC remote control out there?

Joe Pemberton

Logitec 525

Going off subject for a bit, I have tried a number of "universal" remotes [including Kameleon's] but the only one that did the job perfectly was the Logitech and yes, it works perfectly with an HTPC. Most HTPC software will allow itself to be controlled by a Microsoft MCE remote. Most "universal" remotes cannot clone an MCE because it uses a different IR code for a subsequent press of the same key.

I think the main difference between this and other remotes is the ease of setup and ease of use. It is possible to have the Logitech up and running with all of your devices in 10 mins without reading the manual. Customisation is possible to the nth degree. If you are going to do this I would recommend getting rid of the wife and kids on a Sunday afternoon before settling down to some serious tweaking...

The 525 is the bottom of the range and met my needs perfectly.



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