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Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag

Rob McCleave

Good Ruling

But Clarkson is still a twat.

And the joke wasn't funny.

Boy band sings praises of Windows 7

Rob McCleave

Copycat Piss Take

It's supposed to be an ironic post modern nudge and wink type video.

The trouble is, that only works for really obscure things like PCR amplification machines:


It doesn't work for already nerdy crap that everybody uses (has to use), from a company that everybody loathes for "borrowing" ideas from others and making expensive pathetic commercials.

IBM doubles Power cores

Rob McCleave
Jobs Halo

Yeah But

Can I run PPC Leopard on this thing?

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash

Rob McCleave

A rich tradition.

Freetard. Sounds like retard. I laugh every single time you use that word. Who came up with that for you, Ben Stiller? And freetard is so dangerously close to politically incorrect, it must give you guys a shiver of delight to use it. You certainly use it a lot.

You and The Economist seem to have hired the same team to select terms of disparagement. They always use "boffin" or "nerd" when talking about technology experts, too.

Why not start referring to the legions of bad typists as "spastics" every time they misspell a word?

Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron

Rob McCleave

Twat O Tron - the true story

The Twat O Tron is a virus. If you read any online forum of any sort, or the comments section for any YouTube video, you'll note the remarkable consistency of the comments.

"Your a fag."

"Your gay."

etc etc

make up 99% of comments on everything from computer hardware and software to sports to politics to a video of piece of cigarette foil catching fire in a microwave.

Either that or the internet is populated by illiterate, homophobic American frat boys.

Oh, damn...

Dope-crazed Canadians sledgehammer iPhone

Rob McCleave

Now we see the violence inherent in the system!

I thought dope was supposed to make you all mellow and stupid, not violent and stupid.

The only thing stupider than buying an iPhone in Canada right now (where you have to buy it in the US and then hack it just to have the privilege of paying mister Rogers a thousand dollars a kilobyte) is buying an iPhone and smashing it up. Mister Jobs still got his money, so what was the point?

Now excuse me, my seal flipper pie is ready.

Canuck record labels accuse tunesmiths of smoking opium

Rob McCleave

Been there, done that, eh?

We Canadians used to pay a tax on blank cassettes, and even iPods. The assumption was that "everybody" was copying music anyway, so everybody paid a tax. And we all copied music knowing we'd paid for the right to do so.

The biggest problem is, like with royalties for radio airplay, who decides where the money goes. The major (read American) labels used to grab all of the radio royalty money, and nobody looked at the playlists from campus radio stations, so independent musicians got nothing from the pot.

I'm not up on what goes on these days. Hell, I'm old enough to remember what cassettes are.

Google researcher calls for Flash flush

Rob McCleave

Stop using flash.

There are sites like CNET.com that are so full of Flash based ads that the page is impossible to read. They have full motion videos with sound that load automatically, and if you want to scroll anywhere you have to manually turn them off first.

These guys wouldn't dream of having imbedded MIDI files playing tunes and animated GIF files everywhere, like some Geocities template page about cute kittens from deepest cyburbia.

They do it with Flash and that's somehow more sophisticated.

I use Firefox and Flashblock and don't visit CNET very often.

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

Rob McCleave

Pop music has always been about marketing.


Bootnote The late Tony Wilson once explained the Pistols to me like this: "They were manufactured ... but Malcolm McLaren hadn't counted on Johnny Rotten being a genius." Nicely put.


Substitute Beatles for Pistols, George Martin for Malcolm McLaren, and John Lennon for Johnny Rotten.

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