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Apple sued for iPhone, iPad chip 'patent rip-off'

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@G E - Have you any idea

> Cos their chips are rectangular with ickle roundy corners

it would be to make chips with roundy corners.

square corners are so much easier. :-)

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Who will be next?

I suspect over the next few months everyone even remotely connected with the Android business will be dusting off their patent files and going for the kill. Its a question of survival and since most of them are real companies that make real things they are likely to own a lot of real patents.

Apple are going to find themselves involved in so many law suits all over the world they won't know whether they are coming or going. I suspect they already have a bigger legal department than their R&D one, which is always a pity, and I know they employ some shit hot engineers, I've had the pleasure of meeting a few, but their legal teams going to need to grow till there isn't enough space in all of Cupertino to house them.

Who owns 4G mobile technology?

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Apple has a patent on the use of


in connection with any product


what ever it does

does not

in any way


or form.

All your patents belong to us

Apple also owns a business process patent for suing people

HP expected to hand Whitman full fat CEO role

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tablets for sale

So it's HP themselves putting all those tablet onto eBay, and there was me thinking it was the lucky sods that snapped one up cheap

Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time

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> Everything you do can be shared all the time


I do hope that doesn't mean he's getting into the webcam business and putting on in the bathroom

Inconvenient truther hints at multiple iPhone October

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A bumper month for lawyers predicted as every other phone manufacture attempts to take out injunctions around the world to have it band.

EC: New principles agreed for out-of-print book licensing

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Even thinking about that makes you a pirate and the RIAA will hunt you and your children and your children's children down and sue you out of existence.

Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux

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M$ could end up in seriously big trouble here

Having spent years trying to convince the powers that be world wide that they are not a monopoly if they then end up pushing a technology that guarantees that they are in fact a monopoly they could end up well stuffed.

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning

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Well he did say irrespective of the Ts&Cs.

But your license might well not be worth the paper it isn't printed on. If a Judge decides that the terms are not reasonable then they don't stand.

Companies can not right contracts, at least over here they can't, that exempt them from their legal responsibilities.

Now the licenses may well say "tough luck son, you have no rights what so ever except to bend over and take what's coming to you coz we pay mega-buck lawyers - so shut up and pay up" which is what the average licenses agreement says.

But if a judge feels differently...

Occasionally judges do.

Then the big companies get the sort of kick up the arse they normally reserve for their customers.

US survey: 1 in 5 telecommuters work an hour or less a day

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Working from home

I'd find it very difficult to get away with only working 1 hour or so a day when working from home, but starting the day in my dressing gown (I don't own any PJs) isn't un-common and I know the people I work with do the same.

Till we need to work via video link, why worry about how you are dressed?

Particularly when using tele-working to timezone shift. If you are working "in" Singapore and starting at 01:00, saving the time to get dressed till first break time makes a real difference to life.

You can then slot in a full days work and be done by 9 in the morning.

Personally I'm allergic to mornings but there is something to be said for finishing when everyone else is starting work. You can then get down to some really serious procrastination without having to worry.

Google shamed by Apple in race to HTML5

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true core

Apple's core business is Legal, marketing comes second.

Canon perks up Powershot pair

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The S100 doesn't pack the optical viewfinder of it's earlier forebears. My S60 has packed up and made a really useful addition to my D300. But I can't live without a real viewfinder, the rear screen is useful, it works well in lots of situations, but not all. Oh well, back to searching eBay for a old one at a suitably tight fisted price.

Feds probe naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

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Cleaning up after yourself, or not

I remember a story a couple of years ago of a well known TV celeb who sold her old laptop on eBay. The person who bought it discover the waste basket was full of videos of her enjoying herself and the company of some well know men (note the use the plural).

Most people have no clue about how any of this stuff works. Where files and data might be, how to delete any of it or any idea that once these things are taken (seemed like a good idea at the time) just how difficult it is to make them go away.

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database

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Black Helicopters

Won't your WiFi box

let you change the MAC address it reports?

So long as it is not the same as your immediate neighbours your MAC address shouldn't matter.

You could keep changing it, picking ones from other locations, and then totally screw Google's WiFi location system in your area. Perhaps there should be prized awarded for the person who can fool peoples phones into thinking they are furthest from their current location. Perhaps we could all find the MAC address of some WiFi box in Google's offices. Double prizes should be awarded for getting wrong locations into their database. If we could get everyone in Mountain View to suddenly find they'd been relocated to say... Bogner. they might take the hint.

Aussie Sex Party takes the whip to .xxx domains

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Why not make ICM liable

for all defamation as they sold the domain, they are profitting from it, so anyone who objects to their corporate brand being associated with the dreaded .XXX domain/arm-twister

that way ICM would be guaranteed to go broke over night.

ICANN would also be in the firing line for allowing this stupid situation to happen in the first place.

UK cyber security plan delayed till October

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Will all hackers

please wait till then

Apple pulls smartphone slavery app

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funny how they got on in the first place

I guess the truth hurts

Intel preps 15-Watt 'Sandy Bridge' for micro servers

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Micro Servers

Would be great for the home, really nice and quiet, but I can't find one with multiple NICs and at least HP's Proliant Microserver only has PCI-E slots so multi-port NICs are still expensive.

Malware burrows deep into computer BIOS to escape AV

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I thought viruses that attacked the BIOS were all the rage back in the 90s so the BIOS implementations took steps to protect themselves. Like popping up a big message on the screen saying the BIOS was being modified and did you want to proceed. Don't say all those lessons have been forgotten.

As they say,

The one thing you can learn from history is that people who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

More transistors, Moore’s Law, less juice

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Shorter battery life

> And Koomey’s Law also predicts a continuation of what we’re already seeing: more computation for less electricity means more capable smartphones and tablets consuming less power.

In reality what we see is more features == less battery life

We are still at the stage where more and more "toys" are being packed into these devices and demand for these is outstripping the power savings available.

Hence the call for chocolate powered batteries.

Got a non-iPad tablet? Weirdo

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Market research

Maybe this piece of market research tells us more about the owners.

Marketing researcher to iPad owner: So do you own a tablet, such as an iPad?

iPad owner: Sure I own one :-)

Marketing researcher to Android owner: Hi I'm doing market research ...

Android owner: F*&^ off and die won't you!

BT to fibre-up another 114 exchanges

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> remind me, why did we hand BT a virtual monopoly, and then put next to no actual requirements on them?

No actually we had a virtual monopoly from the good old days of state ownership. We then sold this state owned monopoly to get a bankrupt government some much needed cash.

Having taken the dosh for this monopoly it was decided to stop it being a monopoly.

But rather than allowing it to compete, they then had their hands tied behind their backs for the first 10 years. Otherwise we'd have seen fibre to most houses back in the 90s. But the law only let them offer Video on Demand as a easy cash winner, they were not legally allowed to do cable TV, so encourage competition from other companies, who it was hoped would invest it laying cables. VOD only escaped because when they write the law no one thought about it.

But back then the technology for VOD didn't exist. I think they tried it out in Colchester. Being BT of course they wouldn't do the obvious thing to make money and sell pron, so the market research suggested that the main money winner which would have paid for it all was sados who had missed the start of Corry or East Ends etc... and couldn't bare the thought of not seeing it and would happily have paid BT what ever they asked for to be allowed their fix.

But hey, it didn't work. So BT were left with no way of funding a high speed network back in the days when Internet access was for us weirdos and El Reg was a news letter (OK they might have become a website by this point)

Now I can sit back and watch all the down votes come in. I'm not a BT fan, they've screwed up a lot of things, but that is the history of how we got into this mess.

Unlikely contender tops rankings in Nokia ringtone quest

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that sort of reflects the mess Nokia have got themselves into at the moment.

Two Larrys to go head-to-head in Google-Oracle case

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lock the door

throw away the key.

Don't let them out till they've agreed,

They won't, so the key won't be needed

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I wonder whether the Judge's ego is even larger.

HP to bring 6,000 more TouchPads to UK - for staff only

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what's this clever marketing from HP

What a stroke of genius, they managed to make the HP Touchpad more desirable than even the iThingAmeGigg. Its the technique normally used by toy companies in the run up to Christmas, claim that this years must have toy isn't available then watch everyone clammier to be allowed to buy one.

I wonder whether they've realise that it order for this technique to actually work, you need to make them available... eventually... in dribs and drabs.

HP-UX stretches over new Superdome 2

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One small correction

> The Veritas file system, by the way, was bundled with the HP-UX operating system after HP decided in the wake of the Compaq acquisition

The Veritas filesystem has been bundled with HP-UX since the release of HP-UX 10.01 in September 1995, after it failed to meet the cut line for 10.00 release earlier that year.

Nice article otherwise.

Apollo 17 Moon landing: Shock revelations

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New keyboard please

Damn it I think you owe me a whole new laptop.

We all knew these "new photos" from NASA were a fake. Photoshop is cheaper (but only slightly) than even low cost moon shots.

Oracle rejects Google's man for mediation

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right choice / wrong choice

Seems that the two sides have difference views of what they need to mediate about.

If you want to discuss the technicalities putting up the SVP in charge of the Android project seems the right choice.

If you want to view it as a business fight, then it doesn't.

Surprise Surprise, the two don't see eye to eye.

Lock the two Larrys in a room and don't let them out till they've kissed and made up.

Perhaps someone could do the world a big favour and throw away the key while they weren't looking.

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents

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Yes but VMS did it properly

With VMS the versioning was there for all to see, nothing hidden and when you choose to delete an older version it was deleted it didn't hang around to catch out the unwary.

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I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

I just had to be the first to say it.

Amazon solves wait-at-home-for-deliveries problem

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Coz its in stock

It wouldn't be the first time I've stood in Sports Direct ordering things from their website because they don't have the right size in stock.

Or coz it is faster than waiting to get served sometimes :-)

Skype: Microsoft's $8.5 billion identity tool

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Paris Hilton

Online dating

Certainly is a great example.

A large number of people involved in online dating would want to be damn certain of anonymity.

They'd be in big trouble if their other haves ever found out.

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Account details

If they really want to map out their users details they need to sort out allowing multiple access to a single account. I can't think of how many Skype accounts I've got coz the stupid system can't get its head around that fact that you might have more than 1 PC plus a phone (or more than 1) plus all sorts of other guff these days runs Skype.

Designer styles bendy Samsung smartphone

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This is obviously a copy of an Apple and should be stopped immediately.

iCloud Communications ditches Apple lawsuit

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If I'd been Samsung

I'd have bought them PDQ

Just to sit their and smile at the Apple lawyers for a nice change.

Dazed and Confused Silver badge


I think the numbers might be somewhat larger

The sentiment is probably right though.

You would have thought with all the other iGoofs with product names they would have thought of this before announcing to the world. It with have probably saved them a "0" on the price of silence.

Judge may order Page and Ellison into mediation

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@Ian Michael Gumby

While not a troll in the normal sense they are acting like many trolls do.

Classic patent trolls are companies that buy up patents that no one is enforcing and build a business out of trying to screw money out people.

In this case, presumably Google had the tacit approval of Sun, or at least Sun were aware of what was happening and had agreed not to doing anything about it.

The patents have now changed hands to a far more belligerent owner, who have a bee in there bonnet and want to make an issue of it.

I guess that is the way the world works. Unless Google can prove that they had permission, and a nod and a wink ain't going to cut any mustard, then there is an issue.

Judge kneecaps Oracle's $1.3bn triumph over SAP

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Throwing your toys out the pram

I wonder what Oracle will throw at HP this time.

Samsung unveils 20Mp EVIL shooter

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Give me sunshine

So what is the display like in bright sunshine?

Can you actually see what you are shooting?

Samsung outs 5in Galaxy Note as new smartphone concept

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Prior Art

I wonder whether they have thought of showing that to a German Judge.

Would be kind of funny if he then decided to iPad was a copy and banned that instead.

US judge tells Levi's to take its Euro problems to Europe

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Bloody doesn't

> Globalisation works both ways

you and I's part in this great game is to put our hands in our collective pockets and get sh****ed. The big boys have got this all nicely sown up. They are allowed to shop around the world and use near slave labour (so long as some big shot news mag doesn't catch them - except think of the ad revenue). They are then legally allowed to have grey importers shutdown.

Sure if you want to go to the US and stroll into J C Penny or some such they can't stop you stocking up on 10 pairs of 501 at $19 per pair to so covering your airfare. But they can stop some back street dealer sourcing their precious product in the worlds cheapest and then importing them into the highest mark up one.

Globalisation isn't really a two way street, it is there for the benefit of those who can afford to pay lobbyists

Yours not to reason why

yours just to pay and pay.

Graphene photocells could mean hyper-speed internet

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Apple are going to feel pretty silly

If Samsung patent a great new technology and decides not to sell them to Apple.

Samsung outs MacBook Pro lookalike laptop

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Look alike?

Looks like a MacBook?

Looks like every other laptop ever made

Open it up, oh look a keyboard at the bottom and a screen at the top.

Not that it will stop Apple suing them, hell Apple would probably sue Toshiba for having made one 20 years before Apple ever thought of the idea of a Laptop.

Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law

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ID Checks

Usually the first thing I go on arriving in a new country is to go by a SIM to avoid roaming costs. In most countries they ask for your passport and photocopy the picture page. In India they wanted photos too.

In the US they wanted to know my details, but as soon as it became obvious that I was an alien the guy on the cart in the mall just put my details down as the address of the mall. So much for ID checks - green backs rule.

In the UK you see SIM cards in vending machines.

Poulson Itaniums hit 'Replay' for reliability

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getting out of the hardware business

errrrrr ....... just like IBM did a few years ago ?

Injunction suspended: EU can buy Galaxy Tabs again

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Hopefully the entire Apple legal team will be enjoying new accommodation at the expense of the German government.

Apple injunction startles Samsung

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Look alike?

> "It's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone

No they don't

If you put them side by side, one of them looks modern and one of them looks just so last year.

Stop whinging and make a better product if you want to persuade customers to buy yours.

You're starting to sound like a spoilt 3 year old.

Hackers crack crypto for GPRS mobile networks

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Governments don't need to decrypt it.

When the gubberment want to know what you're doing on the phone they ask the mobile operator to intercept the calls. They don't need to listen in to your mobile and decrypt the over the air traffic. That is Vodorange2's job, they hand over the clear voice to the "authorised" dept.

The GSM encryption is only for over the air traffic, it isn't end point to end point.

There used to be a rumour that GSM in France wasn't encrypted since the French didn't used to allow any form of encryption.

The problem the operators face is that no encryption system should be viewed as safe. Properly implemented quantum might well be, but that relies on the proper implementation. Lets face it the German enigma system was unbreakable by 1940s technology, but the actual implementation and usage punched great big wholes that could be exploited. Anyway, any encryption system should be seen as having a finite life. You have to be prepared to move on. Sufficient flexibility needs to be built into all the hardware, and that would include your phone, to allow for regular upgrades to the security. I've no idea whether that was taken into account when the GSM standard was written. But it is usually the weakness.

Microsoft UK and axed exec in legal smackdown

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That's the way it works.

Take a look at Mark Hurd as an example.

He hires an assistant who may have worked in the entertainment industry before.

Gets dismissed for allegedly miss claiming on his expenses.

Takes a big, please go away bonus.

Sues HP because he wants more, more, more.

Joins a previous HP partner and sets about the destruction of his former employer.

I tell you its tough at the top.

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