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Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance

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Re: connection comes with a 99 per cent contract guarantee

Either that or we're both Nazis.

I told the kids as soon as they could understand a word I was saying that I was wicked and cruel and mean and nasty. I thought it would save time later when they wanted to shout at me.

iptables and cron, precisely. All Internet connections should be looked after like this.

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connection comes with a 99 per cent contract guarantee

OK, I've not been interested in online gaming for nigh on 25 years, but 99% up time is shit in a world where you need reactions. Even 25 years back I was killed seconds before I'd expected to achieve wizard ranking on a complex MUD, months of effort down the plug whole thanks to a sudden burst of latency at a crucial moment. Pooooooooof you're history those points are gone.

Back then online games were textual and you typed in your commands, so rarely split second stuff. But you still needed to be able to react.

Today's games don't seem to be like that. Watching the kids playing, many of the games they play online are split second reaction time jobbies. Even in an always connected world networks just aren't that good. I don't suppose these people have separate Internet connections of each of their devices, or that they run some sort of incredible QoS on the line to ensure the best latencies. So what happens when a big email comes in, or more likely when a big email goes out of your asymmetric line? What happens when the other people who live in your house start watching iPlayer, or surfing for pron?

Leaving alone when bastard parents like me, have cron jobs which cut all the kids network connections at set time of day.

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices

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Re: I'm suprised El'Reg didn't pick up on a story a couple of weeks back

> out ways != outweighs

Very true, one day I should learn to either proof read my postings or pay someone else too, but hey.. there you go, life's too short.

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I'm suprised El'Reg didn't pick up on a story a couple of weeks back

> And it certainly didn't negatively impact DVD sales.

Glad to see that at least one of them has the balls to admit the truth for once.

There was a report out from the European Commission Joint Research Centre a couple of weeks back which the beeb covered under the headline "Music sales are not affected by web piracy, study finds" see


While a few people won't buy because they've seen it already, the interest that grows out of the pirated copies out ways the lost sales.

It's just like the biggest beneficiary of the piracy of MS Windows and DOS for years was MS. The reason that for so long that there was no competitor to MS Office was the competitor to a legal copy of office was an illegal copy. Presumably the reason they took so long to even start making it more difficult to filch is that they were well aware of this.

Samsung didn't break quarterly profit record, consoles itself with $7.7bn

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And that in a quarter where they've blown a months top end sales.

Can't imagine many people have bought S3s in the last month.

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO

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Please don't ask Apple to do that or they'll only go and patent it. Which means the rest of the world will get sued every time we try and enjoy ourselves until 5 years down the line the patent office finally decide that perhaps there is some prior art.

Relaxed Windows 8 rules hint at smaller slabs to come

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Previously, the lowest such devices could go was 1366-by-768, which has become the standard resolution for consumer PC laptops with screens in the 13.3-to-15.6 inch range.

whereas the standard resolution for a phone screen is rapidly heading in the direction of 1920x1080, the laughingly call "Full HD" spec. And they wonder why the laptop business is on its uppers.

Texas judge sends Uniloc packing in Rackspace patent suit

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Re: Yes, but...

> ...did it have rounded corners?

Ah, but did they round their corners before or after? wasn't this what the case was about?


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Re: Filtering spoofed packets

Thanks Tim,

That's a good posting, basically saying exactly what I've been saying for years.

The difficulty isn't technical so much as getting all the players to act together. I, perhaps naively, wouldn't think the payback period for the investment in ingress filtering would be very long. When these things happen they cost the Internet industry a lot of money. The problem is no one has a stick to beat them into submission. I remember a discussion with an old colleague years ago about responding to attacks and he was saying the only time he'd been able to get ISP to respond quickly to problems was when he was running the networks covering the World Cup, he commented that all he had to do was threaten to throttle their connections and then publish which ISP were having their links slowed down, and all of a sudden the ISPs became extremely cooperative.

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Filtering spoofed packets

I've never really understood why ISPs make it so easy to spoof packets. You generally know what blocks of IP addresses you should have coming in on what lines. If some miscreant is injecting packets with spoofed source IP addresses ISPs should block them.

It wouldn't take much for the ISPs to filter out these packets coming in from their customers.

Peering links might be more difficult, but if the packets weren't allowed in in the first place would be a start.

The only downside I can see is overhead of filtering, which is surely insignificant compared with all the shit the government wants to add, and stopping people surreptitiously bonding multiple uplinks, which I wouldn't think was too common nor something most ISPs wanted to encourage.

Are the PCs all getting a bit old at your office? You're not alone

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Re: No push to upgrade business machines anymore

> So that'll be Windows XP then :)

I think the situation is worse than "there is no need to upgrade" MS continual pushing out of new OSs and new versions of Office that no one actually wants is a positive disincentive to buy replacement machines. Why would you want to buy a shiny new machine when it is worse to use than the old one.

Apple share-price-off-a-cliff: Told you that would happen

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Big differences between Apple and Oracle

Apple sells lots of hardware, at very high margins.

Well we all know what's happening to Oracle's HW line.

But the big difference is that Apple's customer base love them, whereas Oracle and set about deliberately pissing their entire customer base off.

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp

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Pyhton humour

Python is named after a BBC comedy series

And a comedy series which was more than happy to use naked women for comedic effect.

VC firm asked Mark Hurd if he wants to run Dell - report

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Does today's news

mean he's finished what he set out to do at Oracle?

Another iPhone passcode bypass spell revealed

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Apple will doubtless be more than a little embarrassed at this

No chance, anyone who can charge the amount they do of a couple of $$$ worth of flash is clearly quite incapable of feeling any senses of embarrassment about anything.

Oracle's hardware wing keeps on bleeding

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HW sales "down a whopping 23 per cent year-over-year"

Even if we piss in the our competitors feeding troughs we can't persuade anyone to buy our HW.

Surely if we poison our "ex friends/new enemies" products all those pesky customers should be queuing up to buy our boxes.

Researcher sets up illegal 420,000 node botnet for IPv4 internet map

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ain't going to work

This isn't going to work as methodology to find unused IP addresses. Many of those IP addresses will be behind firewalls, no attempt to contact them is going to get through, but they may still be able to see out, and then there are lots of addresses hidden behind firewalls using valid IP addresses but which can't see out. OK, many of these could be moved to using private addresses, but no one is in a position to force their owners to do so and free up the addresses blocks they're hoarding.

Drunk driving: No more dangerous than talking on handsfree mobe

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Re: Tested a drivers skill...

> With a passenger you can break off briefly in mid sentence to do some driving stuff and they can see why you've stopped talking. A phone call has different etiquette.

Nope, when talking while driving the etiquette is to tell the person on the phone you're driving. So they should expect you to have higher priority events to deal with.

Whereas if you look at lots of people talking to people in the car you'll notice that they are following the normal human etiquette and looking at the person they are talking too.

Driving with the kids in the back is even worse. Lots of times you'll see parents turning right around to deal with little Jonny in the back and so playing bugger all attention to the road ahead.

The difference is just that you might be able to try and out law drink driving or even mobile phone use while driving, but you're never going to be able to out law talking to passenger or concentrating on the kids in the back.

Bottomless, unsatisfied Xbox widow cuffed after boyf flees nookie

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what else can be said, anyone more interested in a xbox than sex is clearly already dead.


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Surely that's an rp7400 down the bottom of the pile.

FCC waves big fines at political robocallers

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Re: Stop the threats

> and throw them in prison for 5 years

I take it that is 5 years per SPAM call, not to run concurrently.

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Now please get this applied to all robo calls

Everywhere in the whole world

That will do as a first small step

After that you can get down to the serious business of banning all SPAM calls.

Samsung's new co-CEO: 'Windows isn't selling very well'

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Re: "We like android but we prefer Tizen"

They could well do, but the economic fact of life is that Android sells itself while they would have to make a lot more effort to shift Tizen phones. It could well be a case of

Anything for an easy life

Apple's marketing honcho Schiller attacks Android, Samsung

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Internal research, or the boss asked me to write...

internal research that says that four times as many customers switch to iOS from Android than the other way around.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people along soon to agree with their figures, but personally I can't think of anyone I know who's gone that way around, I know a lot of iPhone users, but they've been there from the off. But I know a crowd of people who've gone from the iPhone to Android. One reason was you couldn't get any signal in one of the the offices I visit on an iPhone (no matter how it was held) whereas an SII worked find, even down into the data centre.

First Samsung Galaxy S4 review leak: Stop FONDLING, start FINGERING

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Re: Where is the innovation?

Everyone's been saying Apple stagnated 2 years ago

how can you say that, in the last 2 years we've seen Apple Maps.

Oh, on second thoughts, perhaps they just lost their way.

Perish the fault! Can your storage array take a bullet AND LIVE?

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Re: Storage shouldn't be complicated.... but...

> Personally I use ZFS (or any checksum based filesystem like btrfs when stable) since to me data integrity matters.

Surely no one should be doing checksums in SW, that's just criminally insane, as bad as people doing SW RAID[2-6]. If ever there was a job crying out for a HW solution then that's got to be one. Anyone would think DMA had never been invented.

Flashman and the Mountain of Disk

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Its going to be horses for courses for a while yet

We tend to use storage in different ways and difference in price between spinning rust and SSDs means that they'll almost certainly co-exist for a quite some time to come.

On the rusty side you can buy 2TB SATA disks for £70.

On the flashy side, a 500GB Samsung jobby with set you back over 4 times that.

So if capacity is your thing there is a 16 fold price difference to consider for your average home user.

On the other hand if you want to go quickly then the SSD is clearly the way to go. Having popped an SSD into one of my laptops its amazing how slow the other one now seems.

But things like my photo library and music library are now on external disks, because I can't see any benefit to speeding up the access to these and they use masses of space.

For databases where IOPS and latencies are so important, then flash has so many great attractions, but lots of data isn't accessed often enough to warrant the cost.

Until the cost difference gets low enough that the power savings make SSDs more attractive then my vote will be a mix of the two, each doing their own jobs.

Six things a text editor must do - or it's a one-way trip to the trash

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Re: There is only one thing a text editor needs

> having to type in the commands to control the app as well as type in the text i'm typing doesn't make life easier at all.

Well not many people have a telepathy interface, so you've got to find a way to feed the commands into the editor as well as the text. With vi the commands are fed in with the keyboard, originally because that was all that was available. They wanted to be able to use it on all makes of terminal so didn't rely on their being buttons available for all the functions they wanted. But this proved to be its great strength because if you can touch type, even of the random finger selection kind then its bloody quick to use because you don't even have to move your hands. Personally I hate the stupid PC keyboard layout because some damn fool idiot put the [Esc] key out of reach, whereas an IFT keyboard had it just outside the left shift key within easy striking mode. GUIs and mice might be ever so beginner friendly, but all that moving hands around kills the productivity. You end up having to remember all the shortcut key sequences which reduces the so called friendly editor to being just a pale imitation of vi.

But if you can't find vi, ed's not bad either.

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There is only one thing a text editor needs

It just needs to be vi

Microsoft exec selling his Surface tablet

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Will the last one out

Please turn off the light

or should that read close the curtain?

Seattle drinking den bans Google Glass geeks

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Re: Hmmm..

> If some knob pointed a pair of snooping glasses at me in a private bar,

The question is whether you'd feel any remorse when you learned the poor sod who's just had his arse kicked was blind and the "snooping glasses" were just there to help the poor sod be able to sense what was around him.

Apple ordered to surrender coveted docs in iOS privacy lawsuit

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what do you mean?

we have to obey the law, surely there's some mistake here.

Bacon sarnies can kill: Official

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Re: Why is bacon "processed"?

Since cave men we've bred out the genes that let us process most raw food.

We've contracted out part of the digestion process to the frying pan.

The supercomputers LIED: UK rainfall is rising, but won't drown our phones

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Re: "jam jars with rulers stuck to the side"

Jam Jars with rulers stuck to the side beat Super Computers.

Nah, they're doing the experiment wrong. If you put the SuperComputer with a ruler stuck to the side out in the elements you'd measure a lot more rain.

BT to slap overalls on 1,000 new bods in fibre broadband boost

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Re: Execellent

Getting the exchange work done doesn't even seem to mean you are even one step further towards being able to have the service. We were promised our exchange would be updated in Oct 2011. In Oct 2011 the bastards slipped the exchange back to Dec 2012, come Dec 2012 they say 31st.. come the 31 they say our box would be March 2013, come March 2013 the bastards say HA HA HA when we said March, we didn't really mean 2013, OH no, we meant March 2014. Bastards even replaced our junction box to heighten everyone's expectations.

Perhaps having some more techies on the ground might mean they'll actually do some work rather than just try their damnedest to piss off their customers.

Virgin Mobile coughs to choking its customers

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Re: 2Mb/sec should be enough for a video stream

A lot of what the extra pixels are used for is cancelling out the effects of the MPEG artefacts, that and dithering the appalling course colour pallet (skies do work in 8bit blue). Its a mistake to think that the resolution of your eyes is the only limiting factor. As Nokia have recently demonstrated with their 40MP camera, it doesn't have all those dots to make a 40MP picture, it uses them to make a decent 6 or so MP picture.

The calculations of angle of resolution of my TV at home suggest that I don't need HD, but its easy to tell the difference between HD and SD. Its easy to tell when iPlayer only has the SD version rather than the HD one, or when the net is being lousy again and the HD stream isn't usable.

Besides, phones have HDMI output, so when stuck in a hotel it can be useful to drive the telly from the phone.

Now my point about laptops is entirely different. There, personally, I just want more bloody dots on the screen to display more information, the main thing I do to earn a living doesn't work properly on a 1080line display, I've built a work flow that needs more.

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Re: 2Mb/sec should be enough for a video stream

With the standard display on phones rapidly heading towards the laughingly called full HD spec, 2Mb isn't going to be good enough.

(side note, how long till the average pixel count on a phone screen exceeds that of the average laptop?)

White House comes out in favor of legal mobe unlocking

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If Mobes and fondleslabs

then why not games consoles?

yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know the beef, stupid dumb companies sell then at a lost to get the kids hooked so they have to come back and buy more games from the only pusher in town.

Break this deal with the devil and we might see some real competition.

No, I'm not a gamer, I just hate the business model.

SHIELD Act proposed to make patent trolls pay

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Re: A few points

> 5: Most important one (to me) no selling of patents. Patents are designed to protect the INVENTOR not the company who bought them.

The problem with that is it stops small time inventors being able to earn a living from real inventions too. Just because you like inventing things, doesn't mean you would be the right person to take it forward as a product.

Sadly this doesn't seem to be an easy area of law to fix. But oh boy does it need fixing.

I like your idea of the patentee having to first prove the validity of the patent.

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exuberant at recieving a lawyers bill

"There is not a successful software company that I'm aware of that doesn't have to spend an exuberant amount of money defending itself against frivolous lawsuits," he said.

To the best of my knowledge no one in history has ever been exuberant about about paying a lawyer.

Microsoft: Office 2013 license is for just one PC, FOREVER

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Re: Just had look at the "License"

Not sure about office, but if you run windows in a VM under windows then you need two windows licences, one for the main "windows" and another for the copy running in the VM.

Bend over Mr customer

Now pull your pants down

this won't hurt a bit..

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Re: it will be interesting to see how MS reacts then.

Oh we know how they'll react.

They'll do the Apple and send the lawyers in.

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Re: Who actually buys office anyway ?

> millions of small businesses who haven't yet used an alternative, but claimed they "tried".

Oh, believe me, I've tried.

I've got rows of Linux boxes around me, but I can't escape for M$Office, my customers communicate with me in orifice files and I keep finding formatting inconsistencies between LO and M$. Just working in LO often works better and more consistently than using M$ which lets face ain't ever going to win any prizes for SW quality (why can't it consistently position text boxes for example - my most recent screaming fit), but sadly I'm stuck in a world which uses M$ and so I need to be able to speak orifice.

Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...

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Time to upgrade

Vodafone tell me I can upgrade my contract, get a new phone and pay less if I sign up now :-)

but can't just cut to a cheaper contract for a few more months.

I was looking at the Note2, a lot of the time I could do with a bigger screen, but I just can't see it working in my trouser pockets. I was out in Seoul last summer working with some of the engineers from another part of Samsung, they'd found the same thing, they'd bought Notes in the winter when everyone had their coats and jackets and the Note worked brilliantly for them. Then come the summer and all the guys started to find problems with just where to carry one. The women still thought they were great, drop into all but the tiniest of handbags. (don't ask what the women their thought of the idea of men with handbags).

Anyway I'm glad I waited, the Asus looks like a really interesting device.

I think I'm going to start to need a tablet in a couple of months time. Now what I really need is them to combine this with a Transformer so I can use it as a phone, a tablet and as a netbook, all in one device, that would probably be the ideal, at least till someone develops on NumptyScrub's idea of a tiny phone with a giant screen.

All phones are a compromise, and I just don't want to compromise :-(

US insurer punts 'bestiality' to wide-eyed kiddies, gasp 'mums'

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I be worried about these mums

If the kids read sex in that, then I'd be worried what their Mums had been telling them.

Given a dirty adult mind you can see the extrapolation of the girls conduct, but as a kid?

Leave it out.

Elon Musk: 'Fudged' NYT article cost Tesla $100m

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Re: Who cares?

> Driving 23 to 25 mph, on a flat Track

Excuse me, but who the F*** buys a roadster (read sports car) and then drives it on a track at 23 to 25MPH?

The only conceivable reason would be to pose!

But even posing you're not likely to drive it on the track.

Best Buy takes axe to touchy Windows 8 PCs - lops $100 off price

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Re: the thing next to my arse?

Errr isn't that an elbow?

Personally if I have my laptop keyboard in a comfortable position to type on then I can't reach the top half of my screen. Most of the time my laptop is on a docking station and there's then a little 24" 2nd screen just next to it. None of which within reach. As soon as I can afford one, the 24" screen will get dumped in favour of a 30" one which will then be even further away, where hopefully my ageing eyes can focus on the damn thing without needing to wear glasses.

Ancient lost continent discovered lounging on Mauritian beach

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Re: Ancient lost continent discovered lounging on Mauritius beach

Its all right for the old ones,

Our generation aren't ever going to get the kind of pension that will allow lounging about on a beach in Mauritius.

Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS

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Re: With a PC it is generally straight forward to replace the OS

Err, neither are you. You can turn it off, so its no barrier at all.

The problem is that you are not guaranteed to be able to switch it off.

Microsoft secure Azure Storage goes down WORLDWIDE

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Proves its secure

So secure we won't let anyone access it

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