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Samsung's thumb-achingly ENORMO Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

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What about the PC control app?

I'd been hoping the review would have given some details of this. Has anyone used it? Is it any good? Given that all modern laptops are shit and I suffer the need to run an app that is Windows only can I easily use this to run the app from the tablet,say when I'm in the living room, while the PC is in the study. What's the latency like? Can I attach to the PC running above the laughingly called "Full HD" resolution, Getting the full screen res of this thing would be nice, lets face it you can't buy a 2560x1600 monitor at this price. But even cira 2002 era 1920x1200 would be acceptable.

What's the input like on the PC control app? are any third party keyboards any good on these? Does anyone make a suitable case?

European Court of Justice rips up Data Retention Directive

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Re: At Last ! ... and the wine

Except that the EU has all sorts of stupid laws about the production of wine within the EU. For instance it's illegal to make desert wine in the the UK.

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'

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Re: coding @AC 2014-5-5 SometimeOrOtherPerhapsElRegCanRestoreTimestampsPlease

> Unlike French ...

English has found it preferable to have a catalogue tracking its actual usage, thus allowing the language to grow and evolve rather than be tied down.

Of course these changes upset those of us who acquired their experience at an earlier time or in a different place.

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Re: I've RTFM for English

Please do tell

I'd love to know where I can get a manual for English. I rather thought the whole point was that it didn't have one.

Google confirms Turkish ISPs 'intercepted' its DNS service

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Re: Fallout

Oh the joy of working on the Internet in Turkey. A remember a few years ago being out in Istanbul to run a training class and one week they'd blocked port 22. YAWN, restart the SSH server on another port too and get back to working normally again. I mentioned the problem the next morning to my students, they all knew they needed to do this from time to time.

But it comes to something when a countries president is posting hacks to get people around restrictions imposed by their Prime Minister.

ISPs failing 13m Brits on broadband speed, claims consumer group

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Re: The ISP needs to be responsible too

> Yep another happy A&A customer here.

Me too, been with them for years.

But in my case the only option is BT for the cabling and they don't seem to give a stuff. For Christmas they decided that doubling my network latency would be a good idea. Complaining doesn't do any good, Openretch (sic) don't care about latency times and will only look at changes in bandwidth of over 50%.

So once the packets get to A&A they're good to go, until then you're in the lap of the Openretch

Brawling neighbours challenge 'quiet' cul-de-sac myth

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Re: Tip toe through the cat crap

Our American cousin's insistence on the right to bear arms seem to make sense here.

Apple to grieving sons: NO, you cannot have access to your dead mum's iPad

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Re: This isn't doing Apple any favours

It damn well is, why should Apple care about publicity, most of their customers would buy from them whatever happened. If Apple allowed an iphone/pad/pod to be passed on then they'd possibly lose a sale, they'd also be giving up on the chance to resell the content to the inheritor, they'd lose their 30% cut of everything. Remember you don't own anything any more, your only rights are the rights to pay and pay and pay. If you could hand on what you'd paid for then the record companies and Apple wouldn't be able to make so much money.

Belgian judge mulled BANNING APPLE (actually, its website) in Euro warranty row

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Apple covering you breaking your iphone for 1 year...

Do they offer that on the charge/data leads? Which seem to have been made of cheese and only seems last about 4 to 6 months. This isn't just my experience with the son, but several friends and also explains the Apple$tore has over 800 fanbois giving it a score of 1.

New 4G router pitched at biz bods sick to death of titsup networks

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Does this thing take external antennas? This was what I found limited the supply of 3G and 4G routers. The windows in my office decimate the phone signal, open the double glazed door, 5 bars, close the door 1bar :-( So I needed a router that would take an external feed. Latency was more important for my app and 4G didn't seem to offer any improvement over 3G, so it was cheaper to stay at 3G.

Samsung brandishes quad-core Galaxy S5, hopes nobody wants high specs

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Re: Peak Smartphone

> This is proof that samrtphone technology has reached a plateau.There is only so much hardware one can cram into a phone this size.

Then they should damn well full their fingers out and get on with developing something more.

Me, I want a smart phone about the size of this thing, but which I can plug into a bigger screen screen when I want a tablet and plug into a dock when I want a laptop or desktop. One central unit which can do all these jobs, perhaps with scalable CPUs so that plugging into a bigger box gives a bigger punch, but does it seamlessly. Then I wouldn't need to have a smart phone and a tablet and a selection of laptops and the on going problem of where did I put X...

Surely this isn't too much to ask for. Now product production companies please sort this out and make it snappy!

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Re: think ill pass

> I'll see your S3 and raise with an S2.

I only replaced my S2 with an S4 to get the bigger screen (getting short sighted as I get older). Other than that, as you say, the S2 did all I wanted.

I did find that the HP16C emulator runs better on the S4.

Other than that, its a phone, live with it.

Cable thieves hang up on BT, cause MAJOR outage

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Re: Damn thieves

> I hope you choke on the 10p you made.

The problem is the copper under the ground is worth more than the full market cap of BT.

Stuff the delays! PM chuffed to have BT's superfast broadband in his constituency

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Just because they give it to you

Doesn't mean they can't screw with it afterwards.

After repeated broken promises FTTC arrive at Easter last year. YEAH!

Nice big jump in bandwidth, but couldn't handle two lines running to the same house at full speed. Also most welcome, a great drop in network latency time.

Then BT decided that for Christmas what I really needed was to have my service degraded. Ping times on one line, then a few days later on the other double while the headline speed rating dropped a bit. So my latency is back to being worse than when I first got ADSL as a replacement for ISDN2. Called my ISP only to be told that BT won't do anything about latency times and won't respond to drops in bandwidth unless it drops by 50%.

I guess when you're the PM and they want a favour they might do something for you. Meanwhile the rest of us are still all over a barrel.

Battle of Bletchley Park: TNMOC chief calls for review of museums' Mexican standoff

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Oh the irony

Seems it was ever thus, even back in period there was open hostilities between some of those at Bletchley Park and Tommy Flowers and his reckless approach to the use of valves. Seems even the success of Colossus can't quell hostilities.

Help! Apple has snaffled the WHOLE WORLD'S supply of sapphire glass

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Re: Yeah right Anonymous Coward

Watch manufactures have been using sapphire to make watch faces for years. It was inevitable that phone manufactures would pick up on it sooner or later. I don't think Mark Shuttleworth is the only one to have suggested using it. We've discussed it here before now. A quick Google back through el'Reg suggests that the Ubuntu crowd sourcing effort was launched on 23rd of July 2013, but an article from the start of May reported an MIT paper from March suggesting using sapphire.

Google gives Maps a lick of paint, smears it over screens worldwide

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Re: Road Colours Still Wrong

> There are no "right" road colours (in reality they tend to be grey) so how can there be wrong road colours?

True, but you could make the same argument about traffic lights too. By custom and practice we've come to expect that red means stop and green means go.

My smelly Valentine: Europe's perfumers wake to V-Day nightmare

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Re: 100 reported cases of contact sensitisation

Hey, I'm contact sensitive chocolate, but the wife would kill me if I suggested getting that band as a dangerous ingredient.

Million-dollar new disk tech could be USELESS for array vendors

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Re: The problem with selling helium drives to upper management:

No, the reason you can't sell helium drives to upper management is that helium is light and so tends to float upwards, like hot air, but helium is even lighter than hot air, so tends to rise faster. Upper management are afraid of competition from this new variety of "Super hot air" and know that it would rapidly replace them at the top of the heap. Helium based drives would obviously result in all the upper management becoming redundant PDQ!

So they can't have that.

Woz he talking about? Apple co-founder wants iPhones to run Android

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Re: Microsoft Linux?

Err, you mean SUSE?

UK spooks STILL won't release Bletchley Park secrets 70 years on

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Not yet declassifying the algorithms yet

Looking at some of the algorithms that have been published or at least hinted at, especially in the Jack Copland book, I suspect that they've still got methods that were discovered during the war that are still useful today.

Samsung reveals prices, availability dates of 'Pro' tablets

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Re: you're a barista

Hey, don't knock baristas, without Rebecca making my ristrettos I might just cease to function completely.

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A plea to Samsung



Pretty Please


can I now have that screen in a laptop


(a 15" version would be nice too)

Microsoft seeks patent for blade server chassis

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Re: Prior Art

> and I think I've seen a couple of double width ones on an obscure page

Not only do they do half height blades you favour, full height and double width blades, they also do quad width blades, which would fill a whole C3000 and I've not even looked at the Non-Stop ones.

Top patent troll sues US regulators for interfering with its business

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Scan to email?

You can patent this ?



I wrote a scan to email function as part of a demo tool for a document handling package 20years ago.

Seems you really can patent anything.

Staffs Police face data protection probe over 'drink drivers named' Twitter campaign

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Re: Dodgy cops?

> People get found not guilty for all sorts of reasons, including incorrect certification of technical apparatus, incorrect police procedure, mitigating circumstances.

Including claiming that they can't get a free trial. You can bet any barrister defending any of these accused will try this one in court. This gaff could easily result in the courts throwing all these cases out.

Light, fast ... and pricey: Toshiba's Portégé Z30 – now THIS is an Ultrabook

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>1366 x 768

Do they really think its still 1984 not 2014?

30 years ago a 768 line was acceptable

it ain't now.

Sure I can use an external monitor, but when I'm near my desk I've got a couple of mobile workstations and a desktop machine. I need a box to carry around without getting a hernia but it does need to have a enough dots on the screen to make it usable. Samsung were showing off a 12" tablet with a 2560x1600 screen, why oh why do laptop makers still think its acceptable to try and sell such low quality displays?

Why 2014 might just be the year of the Google Chromebook

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Re: Don't think so.

> Nah, wimpy single core CPUs, slow SSD/HDDs and highly inadequate 600 pixel depth screens was more of a hindrance.

OK, so not the Asus, my netbook is an HP2133, so a rather better screen than most laptops have, if not quite the 2560x1600 sort of screen of a modern tablet.

As to the slow CPU and disk, you've missed the whole point. Netbooks aren't small full function PCs, they're useful in their own right and sure beat dragging my quad core mobile workstation down to the coffee shop to glance at a few emails and surf a bit of web. They pre-dated the iPad, so many people who just wanted that sort of functionality have gone tablet. Those of use who wanted the easy input of the keyboard still like netbooks. But it isn't a replacement for my laptop.

Samsung whips out 12.2-inch 'Professional' iPad killers

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Re: Sounds like a fringe use case?

> Until they port that, or emulate x86 on Android/ARM, AND provide a means of control via AD and group policy, then nothing will end the PC/Laptop dominance in corporate environments.

You just wouldn't believe just how exactly like MainFrame Man of the 1980s you sound.

Then businesses found they could do all sorts of stuff they needed to do to run the company without needing to pray to the preist that serviced the main frame.

Ten classic electronic calculators from the 1970s and 1980s

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Re: You missed the most important one

> The HP-35!!

The grandaddy of scientific calculators. The product the marketing guys said would never sell, no one would ever want to be able to carry around a tool like that, but Bill Hewlett over rode them and pushed it through.


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Re: HP-41CV

How did an article on calculators miss out the HP-41CV, the calculator used on the space shuttle.

In terms of batteries it should take Duracell "N" cells. One reference I saw online mentioned some other batteries which where about 10 times the price and didn't work :-(

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Re: Not only the TI-59, but also...

> then what does that make its junior family members, the TI-58 and TI-57?


Thanks for the link.

The Ti-57 is where I started programming, The lab where my father worked had one and he'd borrow it for me to play on.

Then my brother got a CBM programmable calculator which had more "steps" and memories so I'd beg that from him.

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Re: FX 502-P

> Dick Pountain - the man who published my first "real" program and fed my ego :) ... The program was a version of Tic-Tac-Toe for the Casio fx502P

I'm not worthy, truly you are a god amongst programmers!

I remember the article well, but no I don't have a copy. That was a remarkable piece of code, if I'd owned a hat I'd have taken it off for you then.

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Re: Ahhh... memory...

> but when I need a calculator, I reach for my HP48. None of that pansy smartphone stuff.

You can get a HP48 app for Android, and a HP16C one too.

But it doesn't have the tactile delight of the real 16C, so my wife lets me use her 16C.

I've an 41CX too, but it feels more plasticy.

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Re: Still working

So does my 32 year old Casio FX-602P

Somehow I managed to kill my 602 years ago, but a couple of years back my father gave me my FX-502P back, which I'd given him when I'd bought the 602. The first software I ever sold was for the FX-502P. I also won £10 off my maths lecturer who bet I couldn't write a framework stress analysis program on a calculator.

Of course the only thing wrong with them was that they didn't use RPN.

Google BLASTS BACK at Apple, Microsoft, Sony in Android patent WAR

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Re: rockstar

> Oh except for the fact somebody had to create something that would sell in the first place to get the money. Suckers.

Oh come now, everyone knows that people who do real work and make real things are not entitled to earn money from their labour, they do it for the love of it surely.

Only the lawyers and moneybags are allowed to make any money from anything.

Ubuntu desktop is so 2013... All hail 2014 Ubuntu mobile

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I've just replaced my desktop system, or at least I'm in the midst of trying to.

The only driver for replacing a 10 year old PC was that many modern websites were becoming too slow on the old box. Everything else I want to do it does fine. It's still fine for write training manuals (I'm forced to use Word these days), presentations (PowerPoint) doing the accounts (Excel, this could just as easily be LibreOffice), nothing else that I use the machine for needs more power. But the replacement is a refurb unit which has the advantage of coming with W7, and saves a few bob too, replaced the hdd with an ssd which for most PC tasks make far more difference that any change of CPU.

The biggest hurdles as I can see are:

1) Having to replace all the SW, I'd much rather be running the versions of Office I know, but can't so I've had to spend almost as much on the SW as on the HW. A lot of the SW won't be replaced

2) Moving all the old stuff over is just such a hassle.

Actually most of the stuff just won't be moved over. All the SW I just need to know is there, just in case or that I use occasionally is just going to end up running as a VM on my laptop. Otherwise the SW costs would make the replacement impossible to justify.

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Re: "Does this mean Linux gets a real chance on mobile?"

Most Smartphones run Linux, I know mine does.

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block

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Re: Who would have thought it.

Hello, my names Dave and I'm a blockaholic

Welcome Dave, would you like to tell the group how it all started

It started with easy stuff, blocking porn, that made sense, gotta to think of the children

Then once you've had that first hit, well you just have to come back for more.

Next there were self abuse sites

Then terrorists, everyone said that was good idea

After that, well extremists, we needed to block them didn't we.

I couldn't help myself when it came to sex education, I mean, the daily mail has stories about teachers and school children

Then there were the gay and lesbian sites, they tell me its natural, so they don't need sites telling people how to do it.

I mean what's an extremist anyway

So I blocked the commies

I didn't realise the opposition were allowed their own website, I mean, they disagree with me

Once you've had that first hit you can't stop, you need your fix, you look for more and more stuff you can block...

Wait, that's no moon 21.5-inch monitor, it's an all-in-one LG Chromebase PC

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Re: I like it!

> @Dazed and Confused: I agree - the concept here could be ideal for the kind of user you describe.

To extend your point about "HELP": I wonder if there is a possible "remote support" solution for a ChromeOS machine, whereby a trusted user (e.g. yourself) could log on "VNC style" to your relative's...

This was part of the plan with the Pi.

I know, I should pull my finger out.

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Re: I like it!

I quite like the device. I wish it was a TV as well.

Limited is what I'm looking for.

Not for me, but it would be idea for my 85 year old mother and for my Aunt who's in her 90s. PCs are just too damn complicated and throw all sorts of horrible unintelligible messages at them. Turn it on, read some email. Turn it off. Maybe push the boat out occasionally and look up something on a website.

That's it.

That's all they want to do.

Now I realise that is rather different to what I want for me and what most reader s of El'reg are after. But there are millions of people out there who don't want an all singing all dancing super machine that is just too complicated for them to use.

Of course I know I should pull my finger out and get around to customising a Pi for them so that is turns on with screen with just 3 buttons, "Email", "Google" (as far as Mum is concerned, the Internet is Google, so just go with the flow) and "HELP" which would then email a copy of the current screen to my brothers, myself and several of the grandchildren who can then tell her what to do next.

No more complexity there please.

Twitterers rally round #CensoredUK - to demand more porn

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Re: The semi-genuine solution...

> Think I'll just vote with my wallet

Voted with my wallet so many years ago I can't even remember life at Demon via ISDN any more.

Adrian's stance is they can shut me up, but they can't make me lie, so at the moment I'll tell you there is no monitoring box on out network. When I stop saying this you can interpret it any way that makes sense to you.

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Still they got access to twitter

So they've got access to more porn than they can ..... <<insert metaphor here>>

My experience of adult filters (via mobile phone) is of lots of innocent sites get blocked.

I setup Cyberpatrol, eerrrrr or was it NetNanny (can't remember) for my kids PC years ago and it blocked the cbeebies website, tut tut tut, can't go near the BBC, they might do naughty things on the BBC.

Sensation: Chinese Jade Rabbit FOUND ON MOON

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Re: I'm impressed.

Photocopiers on the moon,

makes a change from mooning on the photocopier

Google may drop Intel for own-recipe ARM: Bloomberg

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Bad news Mr VMWare

Google doesn't need you

Just like they don't need Dell or HP to make their HW.

Oz couple get jiggy in pharmacy in 'banned' condom ad

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Re: Mary Whitehouse wanna be

> Probably your standard complaint pattern...

Mary Whitehouse style person witnesses ad and is offended and writes to world plus dog to complain.

More like that the MW type hears of plans, sets out to be offended and then complains

EU legal eagle Legal: Data protection reforms 'very bad outcome' for citizens

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Oh look

The human rights act makes righting other laws more difficult.

No one has ever noticed that before have they.

Still I'm sure the "legals" will make money which ever way things pan out.

'Copyrighted' Java APIs deserve same protection as HARRY POTTER, Oracle tells court

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If Oracle want APIs copyrighted

Lets start with an experiment and copyright SQL. If they're still happy with the idea after, say, 5 years then they can start to look at others.

Women crap at parking: Official

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Re: ..."a whopping 80 per cent of crashes ... involved male drivers"

Is this figure correct? Are you sure about it. I thought the figures showed that women have more crashes overall, its just that men have more bigger crashes.

OHM MY GOD! Move over graphene, here comes '100% PERFECT' stanene

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Re: Resistance is futile

> Then HP could put them up on a shelf, join hands and dance around singing "we have something you can't have."

Nah, HP will let you have them, no problem, you'll just have to sign an EULA agreeing that you won't use it for Oracle SW.

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