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Apple faces lawsuit over wobbly 3G claims

Chris Royles

UK O2 iPhone - No problems

The 3G works fine, I get better reception than the Nokia I use for work.

Had a few 'cannot connect your call' but I get those anyway with my Nokia N73 on Vodaphone and my Nokia on O2. Sometimes I think these complaints about the iPhone are from people who have never before experienced 3G devices.

I have also found its the most stable WiFi device I own. My Linux laptop and Windows PC take ages to hook upto wireless and quite often drop the connection, never had a problem with the iPhone, it just 'connects'.

Also on O2 you get FREE BT OpenSpace and Cloud WiFi hotspots!!

I have owned a combination of Windows and Nokia devices and the iPhone is by far the best device of them all.

All I miss is MSN chat.


Vodafone UK loses roamers worldwide

Chris Royles

I have had Vodafone issues over the last few weeks on domestic calls

Our company (1000s employees) has a Vodafone business account, I have a personal Vodafone UK account. Both accounts, and my collegues have experienced dropped calls, no connections, long waits for connections and silent connections recently.

This has been happening quite often since the 18th. I would say 1 in 3 calls completes OK, even with full network connectivity indicated on the handset.

Our MIS team have quite a few reports logged, with issues with making calls on the business account.

I think there is an issue accross the board, some form of connection timeout, maybe more evident with roaming profiles due to connection delay (???), but also evident on non roaming calls!


Google Earth mobilised in search for Fossett

Chris Royles

So - what do you do if you find something?

For example, whats this on google earth?

Lat: 38°41'54.28"N

Long: 119° 2'12.78"W

Chris Royles

Possible hit.

This is a white plane and is clearly visible at an elev of 1610m

The problem is the KML does not include locations and search areas, or recent and discarded hits.

Take a look though.


119° 2'14.44"W



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