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The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was

Peter Hughes

nobody killed the damn things

They're just not cost efficient. At the moment. A battery pack to give you the range and performance people expect or even be prepared to accept from a car is a 10k proposition. At least. And it's really only good for 5 years or so.

Watching the Earthrise over the moon

Peter Hughes


It's got 3 2.2MP cameras on it:


So is capable of HD images. Guess they just scaled them for SDTV news reports. Silly gaijins and their low def broadcasting.

Cane toads pay dearly for stretching their legs

Peter Hughes
Dead Vulture

eating - bad idea

They're poisonous. Some animals have adapted to be able to eat them though by either tolerating the toxins or just eating the organs that don't have them.

Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man

Peter Hughes


Is it just me or does it look like the unscrambling was going really well, but they decided to knock off early the day the pics were due?

"Finished that picture descrambling yet Smith?"

"Er, yes here you go"...

Ofcom moots the 900MHz boot for O2 and Vodafone

Peter Hughes

Fantastic news

For the other carriers. O2 and voda are either going to have to switch to 1800meg and have massive gaps in their cells or stay at 900meg and lose bandwidth. Fantastic news. Well done ofcom. How about doing something useful like fixing KComs captive market?

Kingston: nobody else wants to provide broadband round here

Peter Hughes

If only it was just Hull

The ridiculous cream phoneboxes extend throughout the unfortunate HUXX area :(

If HullComm ran brothels you'd be promised a supermodel, have to pay them the deed to your house, be made to wait days before finally sodomized without warning by an elephant and thrown naked into the streets.

Actually, even then you'd at least be able to take your business elsewhere. Here you're legally obliged to keep going back for another 12 months...

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