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COVID-19 not blamed for tech outage: We were just being a bit crap, says TeamViewer


If you read even some of the posts on the TV forum, it is obvious that the 'Commercial Use' checks TV implemented were clealy wrong - there are many hundreds of users - many long time users - who claim they have been been restricted by the checks while having no connection to anything Commercial. Some even cannot use between two PCs in their own home!

TV have given *no* details what the checks are, or which have been failed. There is no means to comminucate with TV, and no appeal process.

Yes - there is a form to download and fill in to request personal access ,,, but I, like many others, sent one off months ago and heard nothing. I gave up with TV, and moved to use another application. I have been retired 15 years, and have only ever used TV to occasionally connect to friends and family.

TV claims to offer Free Personal Use ,,, but only by their secret, and obviously very wrongly restrictive, defintion.

I used to recommend TV - but no longer. Such a shame.


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