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Official: Apple debugs MacBook Air of sucky Butterfly keyboard


Re: Upgrade?

Yes, it is all Apple's fault.

They green-lit an appalling piece of industrial design, and persisted with that design for 4 years, while repeatedly telling people that only a "small fraction" of laptops had a problem (a bald-faced lie). They knew very well that their warranty repair staff were swamped with keyboard repairs, and it is a problem that absolutely *will* manifest itself if you dare to type on your laptop keyboard for any length of time.

Meanwhile, they do repair after repair after repair, replacing like for like and assuring people that the problem is fixed (when they've replaced your keyboard with the exact same part, which will absolutely display the same problems - in my experience well within the first 12 months).

I've had 3 different MacBook Pros through work over the last 4 years, and each and every one had this problem multiple times. I'm currently typing on a £3000 laptop which is a year old, and will be having its second keyboard repair soon.

All along Apple has persisted in the lie that this only happens to a "small percentage" of laptops, and they persist in that lie to this day.

I *have* to use a Mac for work, and I *have* to be mobile for work, so the companies I work for have no choice but to stump up again and again for a flawed £3000 laptop.

So, I supposed you could say it's our fault for having to use software that is made by Apple for Mac alone, and I supposed you could say that it's also our fault for having offices all over the place and regular travel so that a laptop is necessary.

But, that would clearly be a ridiculous position...


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