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Dell laptop burns in China


Setup, Not really

Hi Guys,

This laptop in question belong to one of employee in my company. The location is in Shanghai industrial area.

The model is Dell Latitude D610 (We have a couple hundred of them). And in contrary to a lot of your guys think the battery location is where it caught fire.

The Red think as "M" point out in front of the laptop is a lipstick glue (Manufacture by Pritt)

And the fire proof tray is a standard keyboard tray that can be found in most of computer desk in China. although the use for a laptop is a bit unusual I admit it.

Now the fire it self. Although I do not know the owner of the laptop personally but I can guarantee you that it is genius and not fake.

The laptop was in the batch Dell suggest to replace and it has been replaced. The firework comes from the new battery !!!



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