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Broken lab equipment led boffins to solve a 58-year-old physics problem by mistake

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Re: First post awaiting mod for last five hours?

I am blushing appropriately, sorry :) I simply thought that, with the quantity and quality of content produced by El Reg, their scribes didn't subscribe to the concept of weekends. Anyway, thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.

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First post awaiting mod for last five hours?

This is my second post. My first post (made five hours ago on this topic) contained nothing but a light dusting of sarcasm about the re-discovery of magnetism affecting mass. There are comments here from 16 minutes ago, so I can only assume my light ribbing has caused some kind of problem with having my post submitted. An unfortunate over-use of modding, and a pretty poor user experience. Sorry, hate to complain when I'm new to posting around these parts...simply an observation.

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Magnetism affects mass. Who would ever have thought such a revolutionary thing?

Yeah, I'd imagine it probably could have some impact, somewhere. First thought...why not try oscillating its direction whilst pushing those oscillations into a passing metal string as a sequence of 'dents', then dragging the metal string across the magnet again to see if you can retreive the previously enscribed information? Like we do with punch cards...now that would be truly revolutionary... Hey Edison, come have a look at this revolutionary idea that's been stumping 'scientists' for over half a century, and was only discovered by a couple of kids by accident. Do you think it could be used for anything?

Truly, the mind spins, or oscillates if you will, with the possibility that someday we may even discover a 'spectrum' of such delights. We should be careful not to call it anything like an 'Electro-Magnetic' spectrum though...the natives' limits are showing.


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