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Things I learned from Y2K (pt 87): How to swap a mainframe for Microsoft Access


I've been eating out on Access for the last 20 years, first job was ironically Y2K proofing a shed load of financial apps. It seems that there are a lot of companies with legacy VBA apps of varying quality where the original developer has either left, died of natural causes or took their own life due to desperation.

It's still a good prototyping and basic database training tool, although it obviously shouldn't be used for heavy crunching or customer facing solutions. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail and we have stretched this application further than we should have. If it's a choice between waiting a year for a professionally developed .net solution or knocking up a quick two week bodge job in Access, guess what usually happens? Hence the legacy plague.

Sort of shot myself in the foot though, as being the last one in the team to leave, have naturally become a key dependancy and therefore am missing out on the current round of juicy redundancies.


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