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Japanese whaler adrift in stormy seas



I feel you would have to be a very selfish person to refuse any help when your ship is ablaze and the crew are in danger. They obviously value their apperance more than the value of a life (I guess that does sum up a whalers characteristics though doesn't it- as a whales life means nothing to them)

Also-International marintime law-where'd you get that information from! In the law of England past consideration is of no value- so unless Greenpeace demanded a price upright the whalers would not be forced to pay. Can you really see greenpeace worrying about money and politics in a time of urgency? No- because they actually understand a value of a life- unlike the government who seems to now value a life at £1m..... fantastic thinking involved there wasnt there!

(i'd love to see if Tony blair felt his childrens life was only worth £1m.......)



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