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Computer, deactivate self-destruct system requirement, says Sonos... were it on a starship in space, and not a smart-speaker slinger


Good item on the BBC news web site ...must read !!!

This will stop all this “PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE “



And as for this 30% RRP magical discount .…

30% off the RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE Is total nonsense … nobody but nobody ever pays the manufactures full advertised price

The discount should be higher ….. say 50% . Right now it's costing Sonos NOTHING for their trade in at 30%

I believe that they even raised the RRP on some of their kit before offering a discount ?

As I said before ..its all been a ploy to sell new kit and make even more money .. all been planned right from the very start .…

My eyes have been opened and I've seen the light … I will NOT be investing in ANY new Sonos kit in the future …..never mind any so called special discount

Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all


Sonos has pre planned this months ago ... they knew their kit was/will be obsolete {legacy}as the competition {Google Amazon}has 24bt against there 16bt plus bigger memory. The old "legacy" kit is doomed. Even the newer kit will go "legacy over a short time .

So a conscious decision was made at the top ....

They decided to lose the existing customer as they cant be upgraded .Sonos knew there would be a customer storm BUT they were all considered as expendable. They also decided to try and cut out the middle man {shops stores and distributors} and shift what would become OLD equipment by offering a 30% discount off the Recommended Retail Price, RRP, IF you buy it direct from them and only them at full price . Make more money and get rid of OLD stock at the same time .

Genius !


What a massive storm on the internet ... so much anger ... could be the makings of a horror movie !

I wish i was a fly on the Sonos boardroom wall ... what a self inflicted total nightmare .

But seriously ...

It doesn't matter what Sonos does or says now ... the Sonos brand is now very toxic if not dead !

Even if they roll back everything to "as was" I for one will not be buying any more of their kit.

I have lost all trust in the product and the company. I realise if it goes bust nothing will work

but i consider my existing kit as worthless now anyway ... even if i bought new ... it will eventually go "Legacy"

SONOS = LEGACY = SCRAP . Lets call it what it really is !

This whole Sonos debacle has made me realise that any Internet connected hardware from any company is time limited.

Why spend top money on the best products { which Sonos was } when a cheaper alternative is available

When it goes "Legacy" i wont lose so much of my hard earned money if i buy cheaper ...


I hope that if it does go bust all the hard working innocent staff get re-employed in any Sonos alternative company .

They are the ones who will really be paying the price for this crazy stupid mess ....


A Totally 100% angry pissed off disillusioned never ever again former Sonos advocate

Remember that Sonos speaker you bought a few years back that works perfectly? It's about to be screwed for... reasons


Do not EVER buy any of their kit ever again

just received my " 30% off special deal " e-mail from Sonos ...

in the past year iv spent £2000 / £2500 grand on their expensive kit for all over my house

Why ? cause it works straight out of the box with no complications for me or my kids ...

Not ever was i told at the point of sale that my kit would self break and be worthless as a working hifi

What this tells me is ... quickly sell all my kit on the "bay" and try and recover some of my investment

Do not EVER buy any of their kit ever again as all the new kit will eventually go "bricked " once again

What a greedy stupid decision from Sonos ... just to make even more money in my opinion


Just looked on the "bay" and all the second hand prices have collapsed !


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