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Privacy activists beg Google to ban un-removable bloatware from Android


Re: "most commonly found on cheap handsets"

The answer is, nearly all Android phones allow the user to disable or permanently uninstall such apps and services. Rooting an Android device enables any unwanted system apps to be permanently uninstalled.


Android Developer

In the world of Android -- a fully customizable and open-source mobile platform -- there really isn't such a thing as apps that cannot be removed. The majority of Android devices can easily be rooted, nodded and fully customized to the user's prerogative. This includes the unfettered ability to remove any unwanted system apps which are not wanted by the user for whatever reason (e.g. bloatware, preloaded carrier apps, etc.). This is the very essence of owning an Android powered device -- the inherent ability to alter, customize and mod your device to your particular wants, needs and personal preferences.


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