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Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'


Where does it mention anything about ice?

It literally sets out stating "... it's going to be cold. Please dress accordingly".

Personally, I'm more disheartened by the fact that somebody deemed the contents of the email newsworthy rather than the actual contents of the email.

US court rules: Just because you can extract teeth while riding a hoverboard doesn't mean you should


Re: I was once about to have a filling done...

you mean you let him continue and finish the operation with his floppy hand?

Whoa, whoa... Tesla slams brakes on allegations of 'unintended acceleration' bug: 'Completely false and was brought by a short-seller'


Re: Culprit denies having done anything wrong

So you genuinely believe they are going to recall 500,000 vehicles on based on anecdotal evidence? Now if somebody could provide video evidence of a problem this real would suddenly become real

London's Westminster Council wins appeal against phonebooth-cum-massive-digital-advert


Re: Lexus 430

I only want one

Google security engineer says she was fired for daring to remind Googlers they do indeed have labor rights


This should be relatively easy to clear up by checking the roles and responsibilities for her appointment in the company. Whilst I agree with the message she broadcast, if she did abuse her credentials to make it, then that sound to me like grounds for termination.

"I created a little notification, only a few lines of code, that pops up in the corner of the browser whenever my coworkers visited the union busters"

tbh, the way she qualified this statement with amount of effort involved puts me in a mind that she knew she shouldn't have been using company time for this endevour.


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