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With a warehouse of unsold AR goggles, Magic Leap has a brainwave… let’s rebadge ‘em and sell to business!


Re: Good article

Good article...if you ignore the mistakes/misinformation :P The article says that Magic Leap is unable to do fast-action games, that they have some sort of issue tracking things at a fast enough speed for games. However, Magic Leap has a fast-action game they released just a few months after launch, Invaders. Has robots flying and climbing out of holes in your ceilings, floors, walls, that you have to shoot with a laser gun. The device also has an Angry Birds game, which sure isn't as fast-action, but still has you shooting fast objects out of a slingshot and seeing the structures fall apart and go flying.


Re: AR in table top games

TiltFive costs like $300, not $2000.


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