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So you locked your backups away for years, huh? Allow me to introduce my colleagues, Brute, Force and Ignorance

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Re: Seen in the wild

My late father-in-law was a TV repairman in the 60s and 70s, and he used to have the apprentice distract the owner whilst he gave the box a smack to break the tin whiskers! Often he could then just furtle around drinking tea for half an hour and declare it fixed (got to make them think they are getting value for money).

You spoke, we didn't listen: Ubiquiti says UniFi routers will beam performance data back to mothership automatically

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Re: "In other words, you ain't got no choice."

"Is there anything that's worse than an ASA?"

Yes, a PIX...

The delights of on-site working – sun, sea and... WordPad wrangling?

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Re: Greybeards might recall

NI is still very much alive - LabView is everywhere in my field (physics). It's widely loved for how powerful and flexible it is, and hated for how arcane it is to configure and debug.

Unlocking news: We decrypt those cryptic headlines about Scottish cops bypassing smartphone encryption

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Re: IndyRef2

Hmm - on my second LineageOS handset, with no real problems - USB access works from my Linux machine.

Dixons fined £500,000 by ICO for crap security that exposed 5.6 million customers' payment cards

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Worked in PCW as a tech when I was a nipper, many moons ago. Everyone slagged off the old REPOS terminals but you wouldn't have had a problem with them! I was there when the first Windows-based checkouts arrived - Eclipse, I think it was called. Queues to the back of the store when the things went wrong (which was, in the words of the now-legendary Tom Jones, not unusual).

GSMA report: Sorry, handset makers, 5G is not going to save the smartphone market

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Re: For a mobile device, 4G is more than fast enough for me.

Yep, I use 4G at home (with a Teltonika router) because wired broadband is crap in the area (rural Durham) and it's OK for that. Never use 4G on my handset though; I always set it to 3G because it's fast enough and I'd rather have the battery life.

Jet2 hacker who deleted every account on UK company's domain cops 5 months in jail

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Re: He was stupid

Yes, if you're going to get back at the shitty company that laid you off because you wouldn't suck up to the boss and lie to customers, by maybe deleting the firmware from all of their switches and routers and scheduling a reload, you'd best do it from the library or something. I imagine.

Motorola's mid-range One Hyper packs 64MP cam, huge screen and – ooo – 'Quad Pixel' tech

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Touchscreen on my old Smart Ultra failed last week so I picked up a second-hand LG G3 on eBay for peanuts, one root and wipe and Lineage OS installation later I've got a nice phone. If you don't need / want Google bloat it's amazing how nicely older hardware runs.

I'll give you my Windows 7 installation when you pry it from my cold, dead hands (and other tales)

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Nobody said "leaving to escape updates" but "leaving to escape MS". But since you mention it, updates in Windows are much more of an ordeal than in any Linux variety (except possibly Linux from Scratch, but that's not a fair comparison).


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