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Microsoft looks to React Native as a way to tackle the cross-platform development puzzle


Xamarin.Forms vs. ReactNative

ReactNative has the advantage that many webdevelopers can step in fastly and do some app programming but if you have to write any iOS/Android/UWP platform specific code your are lost. You have to use muliple IDE (XCode, Android Studio, VSCode, VS,... ) with its properitary languages like Kotlin, Java, Objective-C or Swift... despite of using also JavaScript on ReactNative side. Furthermore the JSON-JavaScript bridge of ReactNative is still very slow (see E.g. DroidCon2019 WIX screencast). Furthermore ReactNative code is not compatible to React. Its just similar. As is said -> Learn once, develope everywhere instead of -> Xamarin: Write once run everywhere.

RN has hotreloading feature which is very cool. But also Xamarin supporting that already.

With Xamarin (Forms) you wirte everything in .NET, even any newest API given by iOS / UWP or Android. Customizing any platform specific UI controls is also easily possible and for debugging you just use VS2019 for any plattform.

So Xamarin wins clearly if you have to write advanced Apps, may have to access bluetooth or other non trivial APIs or want to write plattform specific code / UI controls. If developing simple Apps or Apps which interact a lot with web stuff or social plattform integrated app may its more comfortable to got with RN (specially if you have already or only JavaScript experience). But tooling infrastrucutre with RN will be a pain anyway compared to VS2019 today. E.g. just try to push you app on a iPad/iPhone with provisioning profile, thats incredible badly -> Compared to VS2019 / Xamarin.


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