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Intel schedules quad-core mobile CPUs for H2 '08

Dragos Vingarzan

Re: Quad in a laptop?

Well, for me the use of the laptop is different now. I no longer have a workstation at work because that is simply too loud, big and ultimately syncing with my mobile devices takes some resources. Nor do I need anymore a separate windows box for nasty office stuff. I only have a T60p which is used for development, testing and application benchmarking at work - all under Linux of course. Being a Core 2 Duo, Win XP in VMWare is incredibly responsive, so I can also do all my nasty powerpoint duties on the same machine. But of course, I always have the e-mail with me and when I don't need all the extra power, I can turn-off a core and have longer battery life while on the road or at home. In the end, no need to sync between multiple computers, so my life is much easier.

What I am saying is that these fast new CPUs for me changed the way that I use computers, as now I can do all on the same machine. I can't wait for the quads!



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