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AppSheet. Gesundheit! Oh, we see – it's Google pulling no-code development into a cloudy embrace


The assumption behind the idea of no-code development as a general purpose tool is that software development is primarily _about_ the low-level technical details. That's as mistaken as believing that writing a novel is primarily about typing and punctuation. Surprisingly, getting a voice recorder and a speech recognition package is probably not going to turn you into a best-selling novelist.

Googlers fired after tracking colleagues working on US border cop projects. Now, if they had monetized that stalking...


"Despite being warned not to look at nor gather information on people not in their team or related to their job, however, the four individuals continued to harvest information about their targets, Google claimed."

I thought harvesting information about people who don't want to be spied on was part of Google's culture and mission statement?

Remember the Uber self-driving car that killed a woman crossing the street? The AI had no clue about jaywalkers


The safety culture at Uber is just atrocious and clearly directly to blame for the accident and death. I think the phrase I'm looking for is 'criminally negligent homicide.'


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