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Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain was accused of sexual misconduct against Darktrace staff – report

Dr. Vagmeister

Re: Randy Cheek

On a similar note, a colleague had the business card of an American whose name was "Richard Wank".

Not sure if they called him Dick.

UK to Chinese telecoms giant: From 5G in Tiree to the Isles of Ebony, carry me on the waves… Sail Huawei, sail Huawei, sail Huawei

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Re: Exactly

If you said any of this to an MP, they would believe you in its entirety, and champion it as a positive for the UK, without ever realising the sarcasm, or the obvious low technology or irony.

Anyway, what will 5G ever do for us........

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?

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Re: "It has no telemetry and can be properly locked down without too much hassle."

I thought that they back-ported telemetry to Windows 7 and 8 ?.


You can remove the specific updates, but it is still a risk if you don't keep up with the updates ???

Latitude 9510 lappy has a speakerphone so you can tell the conference call all about your 30-hour battery

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It is a Dell Inspiron, 4 years old, you can obtain a 16GB DIMM from :


I wrote to Dell, and the BIOS does not support the extra memory, although the chipset and processor support up to 32GB.

Also, their latest 17inch laptop for the home :


Specifies 16GB maximum memory, yet each slot can accommodate 16GB DRAM modules. Similar for the disc storage, 2TB max supported.

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Will the Device Be Puposefully Restricted ?

As with many Dell laptops (not sure about other brands) will they restrict to maximum memory to 16GB (example) when the slots can allow 32GB, or restrict the 2.5inch drive bay to 2TB, such that a 4TB will not work ?

Dell do this through the BIOS ??, so rather than have a very good upgrade path, you are restricted. I asked on current laptop, and slot will allow for 16GB, but they stated it is not supported through the BIOS.

On the website, if you want a 32GB laptop, it will cost as a minimum, nearly £2k (all bar £51).

So, any future proof through expandability is not possible, and you have to pay at least £1.3k extra for the specification of the machine you will want in a few years time, whereas the memory upgrade will cost much less.

Fed up being ripped off with these sharp practices.

Xbox Series X: Gee thanks, Microsoft! Just what we wanted for Xmas 2020 – a Gateway tower PC

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Re: RE: ......suggesting Microsoft had learned from its mistakes with the Xbox One.

Thanks - i should have finished reading the article before getting pee'd orf.

Dr. Vagmeister

RE: ......suggesting Microsoft had learned from its mistakes with the Xbox One.

Maybe they have introduced some new ones.

I have a hifi rack, and a wide TV stand where every piece of equipment is wide and not tall. Where on earth is this new tower design going to sit ?

Maybe the unit can lie on its side, but the article seems to indicate it cannot for ventilation purposes.

UK ads watchdog slaps Amazon for UX dark arts after folk bought Prime subs they didn't want

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Re: Join Prime, it's for a good cause, you too can put Bezos into space

On another website that which featured a story about Bezos going to the moon, i did write in the comments section about he could spend his money on more worthy such as battery technology research, or fusion.

My last comment must have wrangled the others, as all i said was, once these aspects of civilisation have been solved, then by all means, f*ck off to the moon.

I had 77 downvotes and zero upvotes. I thought my comment was funny, but obviously not.

On subject - i too have to scrutinise the payment - one big button for enrol in Prime, tiny text to say "no, continue without prime". So obviously a con.


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