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Game over: Atari VCS architect quits project, claims he hasn’t been paid for six months


"Atari wishes to inform you that some of your questions indicate that you possess information that is incorrect and/or outdated. In addition, some aspects of the Atari VCS project clearly have been leaked to you in violation of existing confidentiality agreements, and Atari therefore hereby reserves its rights in that respect."

That sounds about as accurate as when they tried to detail their partnership with Dupont to call their Walmart exclusive the Kevlar model, or when I got this for outing their marketing B.S.....

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Thanks or shining a light in the dark

Thanks for the excellent investigative reporting. It's truly a shame that there are so many "news" outlets on the web these days that are happy to post corporate propaganda press releases simply to get clicks rather than ask the simplest questions. When it comes to these kind of "fraud by incompetence" and over hyped crowdfunding operations, any outlets that participate in drumming up support by spreading false narratives are just as guilty of fraud as the companies that enter into it.


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