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Cosmo Communicator: More phone than the Gemini, more pocket computer than phone


Re: Linux like it's 1993 again?

Hi, I have the planet gemini (mediatek processor). I'm dual booting it with kali linux (also had debian on it) it works smoothly, it's easy to do whatever you like with it and Planet are very supportive. I am assuming the Planet Ethos will not change with the cosmo (I am an early backer), continuing with mediatek will allow a quicker turnaround getting linux's up and running. I don't find Planet's advertising misleading, you can do whatever you want with the hardware and load whatever software you wish, they are a small outfit and doing an awesome job with limited resources (and make all technical details available), join the community and help them.

Your assertion that the hardware is the "cheapest one they could find" and that it will "perform so poorly" is complete nonsense. The "bang for buck" is truly amazing for ealry indiegogo deals (gemini : £250 (4gb RAM), cosmo (6gb ram): £415) and linux performs much quicker than my previous x86 laptop (with 8gb RAM). Who are you comparing them against Apple, Samsung, Sony ?? no-one is giving a similar value proposition.

I would suggest you pick up a 2nd hand gemini (for £100-150 when cosmo upgraders get on ebay) and see the performance for yourself instead of spouting ill informed views.


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