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I discovered the world's last video rental kiosk and it would make a great spaceship


Re: Re. Atompunk

Because, I suppose "true valve" DAB radio is too expensive?



The latter costs over 360 euros. I have listened to it and sounds exacly like a 1960s bakelite tube radio.



I live in Italy ant there are some DVD rental kiosks still in operation. The place is a photo shop that still has 135 format film and if you ask they could order 120 format, and of course develop it.

BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it


Because listening to radio doesn't require a license, both in UK and Italy.

Besides, in the good old days I listened to 198 kHz the Radio 4 emissions, and other station on medium and long wave from Italy. Nowadays I can't due the cheap switching power supplies and cheaper LED lamps that everyone is using now. If you like to listen to Italian programmes the strongest transmitter is on 900 kHz.

Next I bought a satellite dish and I was able to listen to BBC radio broadcasts on the wide beam on Astra 2 from Italy, and you can listen to radio programmes from Italy on Hotbird. Next BBC moved the radio on the Astra narrow beam, so no joy from Italy. You can watch also some TV programmes from Rai from UK using a satellite dish pointed to Hotbird.

PS: Rai didn't destroy the tapes of A like Andromeda https://www.amazon.it/come-Andromeda-Luigi-Vannucchi/dp/B0016GM3C0 - BBC destroyed them... Rai 1 - BBC 0 :-)


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