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YouTuber charged loads of fans $199 for shoddy machine-learning course that copy-pasted other people's GitHub code


Why aren't you writing these articles slamming universities?

I am currently a software engineer in a data science team producing software that yields millions of dollars in revenue for our company. I did my undergraduate in physics and my professors encouraged us to view MIT Open Courseware lectures alongside their subpar teaching. I learned more from those online lectures than I ever could in those expensive classes. I paid tens of thousands of dollars for that education. I decided that it was better bang for my buck to learn data science than in would every be to continue on in the weak education system we have globally. I paid 30 dollars month, for a year, to pick up the skills to get into data science. I landed a great job, paying a great salary because I took advantage of these types of opportunities. If you hate on this guy for collecting code that is open to the public and creating huge value from it, then you can go get your masters degree for $50-100k and work for someone who took advantage of these types of offerings. Anyone who hates on this is part of an old school, suppressive system that will continue to hold talented people down. Buck the system and keep learning!


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