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Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Dan Clark


This is laughable. I moved to BE 6 months ago, and finally cancelled my old "Blueyonder" broadband service 2 days ago (after having the broadband service for 5 years). Ironically, a better service with BE's top tier broadband service is cheaper than VM's mid range service - and about 3 times the speed for me without any restrictions and a static IP.

The Virgin Media brand has become a complete joke - poor network, poor service and a ruined corporate image. Just look at the marketing campaigns, network usage policies, charging for support saga, ...

I will say it did surprise me today when someone from VM rung me trying to retain me as a customer - suddenly they can drop my monthly charge by £15 for being a loyal Customer (or, to put it another way, a Customer that [used to] give them over £1000 per year in revenue).

EU sets ambitious IPv6 target

Dan Clark

Why wait?

Why wait for IPv6? Hurricane Electric offers a free tunnel broker - www.tunnelbroker.net. You can get yourself a /48 AND /64 with HE - just in case you want to build a network bigger than the entire internet in your back room.

As google already offer ipv6 (ipv6.google.com), what we really could do with now is an injection of IPv6-edness to make the beeb, microsoft, etc available on the IPv6 infrastructure. I'd be surprised if the reg did wait till 2010 - in fact being the type of site the reg is, I'd be surprised if we got to this time next year.

Vodafone takes one on the chin for billing problems

Dan Clark

"...this part of the site will be down for a short while."

Signed up for Vodafone 2 weeks ago, and funnily enough Vodafone Online yesterday. What a mess: it doesn't just work / not work, but half works when it feels like it and gets itself completely screwed as well. Go Vodafone.

And somebody tell me why, randomly, when I ring 121 for Vodafone voicemail it tells me "number not in use"?!

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