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Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker

soni singh

Everything is good , but dual camera is not giving grace to it.

and what about its jack........................ means no headphone jack????

No Finger print sensor. ???

Dot know, but now a days games lovers are increasing. It may cause trouble to them .

Blindly accepting network update texts could have pwned your mobe, say researchers

soni singh

Blindly accepted??? , mostly people do same ....

Is't this hilarious ???Well there are many people who are using phones but are not aware like this news, or some messages, they simply allow all the notifications and other updates. Its necessary to aware people .

Trade union club calls on UK.gov to extend flexible working to all staff from day one

soni singh

Trade union club

Yes people can get their right by strikes, its has both positive side as well as negative. May be they success to convince their boss either they may have to face job loss.

But unions must be there and company management should listen their union, because sometimes only work of these employee can take you towards success, never underestimate yours team.

And there should be flexible working schedule, because many people dot like the politics of offices, in same time there may be some problems, by side of family or any other things. At least there should be an option , who are able to come they are free, but if someone have difficulty so he/she can troubleshoot their problems.

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