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Clutching at its Perl 6, developer community ponders language name with less baggage

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Rename Perl_6 "NuPerl" and Perl_5 as "Perlx" (....X for extended)

Interesting exchange on that Github issue thread--someone suggested renaming Perl_6 as "NuPerl".

But then a Perl_5 aficionado chimed in that that would be BAD, since it would imply that Perl_5 is "old" Perl (which it is).

How to resolve this issue when Perl_5 people would rather not see Perl_6 retain the word "perl" at all???? Maybe have Perl_5 be renamed to "Perlx" at exactly the same time.

Then at the command line, type "perlx" for one and "nperl" for the other.

(Or go with Aaron Sherman's April 1, 2011 article to Perl_6 "Clamchowder": http://essays.ajs.com/2011/04/clamchowder-ne-perl-6-to-offer-shell.html)


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