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Crunch time: It's all fun and video games until you're being pressured into working for free


Re: How do people with children do it?

Couldn't agree more... but I find the situation much worse now, since the majority of our teams have been off-shored; the majority of our 'resources' have no interest in IT, let alone any passion for it or drive to improve or learn it 'because it's fun'.

And, if you take the time to bring them on and the patience to ensure they actually understand, in a few months they're gone (in the promotion/new job spiral, leveraging what you have given them) and you're looking in a VC window at another 'resource' that HR insist meets your requirements.

Cynical, me? Not so much, actually. More jealous that you are able to get colleagues on-shore that know what they're doing.


Re: How do people with children do it?

Many moons ago I interviewed for one of the largest games companies (an anagram of "AE") for the role of PM... they were specifically looking for an experienced IT PM from outside the games sector BECAUSE of the industry culture with annual franchise games for dicking about for 9 months doing 'research' and 'customer intell' and 'feature POCs' then only getting productive 3 months out when it's realised that the release candidate really should be with test right now. The prevailing idea was it was a norm to be lazing about for 9 months and somehow ok to be pulling all nighters for weeks to get the year's work done at the end.

Nope, didn't take it; they just wanted a hard-ass to crack whip in the salad days to get them on a more normal delivery cycle.

Standout phrase from the management team in the interview, "we think it could be done better".

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