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We don't mean to poo-poo this, but... The Internet of S**t has literally arrived thanks to Pampers smart diapers


There is some merit, but modification will likely be needed

It’s a fascinating dilemma. More data about the health of your child should be a no brainer - but the instant alert element will undoubtedly be misused by some as the article points out. I think this is like all things disruptive - lessons will be learned as adoption grows and hopefully those lessons will provide the basis of improving the product. From this initial scan of the pros and cons, I could see that the major benefit is that the long term stats would be useful to share with your GP midwife or health visitor - especially if your child is ill. The biggest risk is that parents will use it to salve their conscience, instead of actually interacting with their child like a normal parent. If the former outweighs the latter then how the product is used should inform the next release of features. I think perhaps the number or type of alerts could be limited if no actual child interaction takes place when the two devices are in the same vicinity. There will be many options I guess that will come from the initial usage results, as long as the people who developed the product thought through the benefits to the customer as the primary focus. The customer in this scenario is the baby not the parent!

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