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How do you ascertain user acceptability if you keep killing off the users?


A timely limerick


Apple's autonomous tractor

Became the deciding factor

In the death of young Jill

As it rolled down the hill

And changed into fourth and attacked her

We know what you want to write: Google injects more AI into G Suite


A story using autocorrect.

Recently I decided to switch from the HTC sense keyboard to a Google one as I wanted access to emojis.

I usually have predictive text and autocorrect turned off because they are a PITA. Just for a time, I decided to leave them turned on, but I get very tired of having to reread many times whatever I am writing so as to pick up the autocorrect mistakes.

Fuck it. I decided. I will write a story accepting everything that is suggested. Herewith is the result. Make sense of it if you can. There is a prize for the first person to decipher it.

The autocorrect story.

This is a story about autocorrect and the things is does and doesn't do. The main character or protected is Autocorrect. Autocorrect started out life as …… well nothing much really. A glmer in something mind. An I'd. A description to finalize do away with misspellings. Correct spelling language for everyone. Never mind would words be misspellings. Bannister forever, cast into the more of history, there to rotate and be forgotten.

Clear, concise and people speller words would enable world peaceful. Missoula commas, appointment and Tull stopped would be a think of the last.

Proportional comments would be available to all with no fear that they would be riding or oil for their poorly Spell.

But Autocorrect was one of a pair of two. Autocorrect had any event twins named Autowrong.

Auto wrong was on its ways likes the Dec. Cast our from Her by God's onto the pot of water damnation.

For Saw that the World wasn't her readymade for proper spelling language. Good was stills store about the Towers of Ban. Andrew it's likes the mayhem whichever it's wrought NY display the people into the Second Trip, nine able too understand The other.

So Automatically was born to could the good that's AutoCAD might do.

Automatic true as hard as it's couldn't today the eight Andrew wrong if there humans. But Automatically was definitely interested attached items task and confidential to are all of them too Work of Air.

And so we come to the end of this sorry tale. Like Clippy before it, Autocorrect was a great success as a failure.

IBM torches Big Tech's get-out-of-jail-free card, says websites should be held responsible for netizen-posted content


Not the Children!

I'm not sure but wasn't WW1 and the rematch some years later a bit more detrimental to the physical and.mental health of the young?

To say nothing of other stuff..... I wonder how much of this concern is a meme being spread for Chinese style control.


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