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Not all heroes wear capes: Contractor grills DXC globo veep on pay rises, offshoring, and cuts to healthcare help


Re: BS

I've sat and watched as Technical Expert after Technical Expert got WFR'd and the work outsourced to low-cost idiots offshore who quite simply can't do the work.

It's come to the point where *I* can't propose a technical solution because the staff who has to manage the solution simply isn't capable of it. It's why half the infrastructures they're working on are stuck in the late 90's technologically. They simply don't have the capabilities to drag their asses out of the 20th century.


Re: It's called a Cost Of Living Adjustment.

I took a 35% pay-cut when I converted from Contractor to FTE status and all Ive ever got from DXC has been dwindeling contributions to healthcare costs, and higher medical deductibles, to the point where it was costing me in the neigborhood of $1200/month to pay for insurance where I had a $6,000 deductible. (FWIW - it cost me $1600 private party for $2,000 deductible on the marketplace)

DXC actively screws it's employees...the good news is, if they keep going the way they're going, there won't be any employees much longer.


OMG - I totally get your wife's point...

I didn't get any of my seniority when I converted because prior to that I was a contractor TO DXC... Honestly, given the choice, I would have stayed that way...it wasn't as reliable, but it paid better (OMG MUCH BETTER) and gave me the satisfaction of being able to say "no" from time to time when they asked me to do something that crossed my personal ethical lines. (My personal sense of ethics is much more stringent than HPE/DXCs)

So if they WFR me at this point, it's 2-weeks notice... I'm waiting for the "We're WFRing you, but you need to train your indian replacements" because I'll laugh my happy ass right out the door and it will be worth every penny.

I've worked hard to become a single-point-of-failure for exactly this reason. :)


Oh what an absolute load of shit. I worked for DXC, since before it was DXC, back when it was HPE and even before that when it just HP.

The top talent from DXC is running like hell, or has already left, and they've replaced 100% of the talent with useless know-nothings from India who couldn't find their asses with both hands and a flashlight.

This moron Smith can spin it anyway he wants to, but I still speak regularly with people who are forced by contract to stay DXC customers and they want OUT. And I don't blame them. Their service has suffered greatly, and at this point, all it is going to take is a couple of key departures and the whole house of cards is going to fall apart, and to a one, every one of them is looking.

DXC is absolute proof positive that you can't offshore your way to profitability... ever.


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