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Bonkers British MPs rant: 5G signals cause cancer


'At currently proposed 5G power levels, satellites may have trouble reading natural signals given off by water vapor. That could set back forecast accuracy to levels last seen around 1980, said Neil Jacobs, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“This would result in the reduction of hurricane track forecast lead time by roughly two to three days,” Jacobs told Congress at a hearing earlier this month.

The issue has split the Trump administration, with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, whose agency includes NOAA, warning that critical Earth-science data could be lost. Even the Navy has expressed misgivings. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission, however, went ahead with an auction of spectrum in its drive to advance 5G communications.”



Re: How brainwashed have the majority of you become??

"Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were knowledgeable enough to keep their children away from wireless devices."

Gates also keeps his kids away from vaccines, but that's another topic...

"I live in Canada"

TORONTO, Canada—Although 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology, promises faster download speeds and conveniences that most of us have never dreamed of, we’ll also be blanketed with a new type of radiation called “millimeter waves,” according to health experts who warn of the rising risks associated with the rollout of 5G... Scientists from 42 countries are warning their governments about the emerging health problems associated with wireless radiation, and Canadian doctors and scientists have added their concerns... Dr. Anthony Miller, an advisor to the World Health Organization said there’s now enough evidence that if they were to re-evaluate radiofrequency (RF) radiation, it would be labeled as carcinogenic to humans.


Also Lloyds Insurance Group refuses to offer cover for 'wifi related illnesses'.

And France has banned wifi in all schools up to the age of 12. Wifi is only to be used as and when needed for a particular lesson and must be then turned off.

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