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Google age discrimination case: Supervisor called me 'grandpa', engineer claims


If he is 72 now and started in 2007 he must have been 60 years old or so when he was hired.

While not condoning the actions of his supervisor who sounds like a right dickhead, hiring somebody into a technical role at 60 hardly smacks of institutionalized age discrimination..

More households invite creepy smart speakers indoors: Arch-slurper Google top dog for Q1


Re: Microsoft is ready to sell AI. Are Google and Amazon?

Not sure why this received so many downvotes - I found it interesting so have an upvote from me.

I'm no NLP expert so have no real appreciation for the current state of the art in language processing (in particular the deep semantic understanding or background knowledge or common sense reasoning that it seems would be required here). But I would like to find out more. Are there any links to this research?


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