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Apple's WebKit techs declare privacy circumvention to be a security issue


Re: PiHole

Adguard works well on LineageOS when away from home WiFi - provided you can get your head around regex usage, or just copy the expressions from PiHole.

I could throttle you right about now: US Navy to ditch touchscreens after kit blamed for collision


Re: Why do cars need electric parking brakes?

"Also a big problem with electric handbrakes, is when the car breaksdown, it is very difficult to move it. Numerous times a traffic jam has been caused by a modern car breaking down doing something simple such as turning right at a set of traffic lights. Basically, it is easier to leave the car there and wait for the AA/RAC/Greenflag..."

That's more of a problem with modern drivers being unable or unwilling to get out & push the car to somewhere more sensible, in every case, there is a method of releasing the EPB without the engine having to be running, mostly it's simply ignition on, foot on brake, press EPB release (some, mainly JLR vehicles, also have an emergency release cable, reasonably easily accessed should the need arise). Of course, why the vehicle broke down may be the reason it cannot be moved rather than having to RTFM to release the park brake. Many auto gearboxed vehicles require the engine to be running to release the transmission, a few don't and a few have an emergency cable release in the event of no or not enough electrical power.


Why do cars need electric parking brakes?

Lots of reasons why they're better

Safety - impossible to release without being in possession of the 'key' and having your foot on the brake (unless engine started, in gear and other conditions for 'drive away release' are satisfied, e.g., drivers seat belt fastened). Emergency braking - even in the case of total hydraulic brake failure, it's possible to activate the EPB and bring the car to a stop, whilst maintaining control of the vehicle

Convenience - 'Drive away release', 'Hill start assist', 'key-out apply', 'tow assist' etc.

Fun! - watch the chav in the Audi back right off from tailgating you to the point where you can no longer see the headlights when you pull up the EPB switch and full ABS braking kicks in....

For the 'cables and levers' luddites, I clearly remember my seven year old sister releasing the manual handbrake on our parents car parked at a campsite at the side of Lake Windemere... and jumping out to watch it rolling off the grass onto the foreshore (this was the late '60's so it was probably a Hillman Hunter, took several burly blokes - which my Father was not, to push it back onto the campsite), so this particular avenue of childrens fun has been closed off with EPB's. Yes, there is the issue of needing to connect to diagnostics to 'wind back' the motors, but the money saved by replacing the pads yourself more than makes up for splashing out on a £30 interface on fleabay

Here's to beer, without which we'd never have the audacity to Google an error message at 3am


I've made quite a good living from companies that employ diagnostic technicians who think they are above having to RTFM or follow the diagnostic path presented to them onscreen, usually because 'it wouldn't be that' - which it invariably is.....

Even tech giants find themselves telling folk not to use default passwords on Internet of S**t kit


Re: Western World Problems

Just got to be careful of stuff with hardcoded DNS servers in them, I'm using a Pi-hole to stop various unwanted outgoings & incomings, had to also block port 53 at the router to all other local IP's due to Panasonic, Sony and a 'SamKnows' box attempting to bypass my control of traffic, need to sort out DoH traffic now...


You're right about the sales metrics - I won't show on the conversion metrics though - done a bit of digging into the 'app', it naturally requires registration, either by email or by mobile phone and appears to be a subset of the TUYA (their shouty caps, not mine) platform which looks as oily as a chipshop window. Believe me, If there was something non-connected at the convergence of price, quality & capability, i'd have bought that in preference.


I've just installed air conditioning to the house, it comes with perfectly functional remotes to control the indoor units but 'features' WiFi connection to replicate these remotes by using Android or iOS applications, so not only is there an attack surface in the WiFi modules themselves, but also the opportunity in the (no doubt) shonky code used in the applications themselves - oh, and for bonus points, there's QR codes pointing to who-knows-where to download the applications....

Needless to say, the indoor units have been neutered by removal of the (thankfully plug-in) WiFi modules and the QR codes have been dealt with by the shredder.

Why do these companies think we 'need' WiFi connectivity to everything, just because it's possible?

Take two cornerstones of British life, booze and queues, then squirt them with face scans: AI Bar


Why does it need an internet connection?

is it one of these 'cloud apps'? in any case, I know know which pub to steer clear of when 'in t'souf'

Fantastic Mr Fox? Not when he sh*ts on your lawn, kids' trampoline and your soul


BB claymores loaded with (baked) clay pellets soaked in Citreonella oil - used to be able to buy them as cat repellent but some cat lovers complained that they hadn't been safety tested - now I make my own. They do discourage foxes as well, the claymores are just for showmanship and the 'shock & awe' effect.

It's Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Tech industry speaks its brains on Brexit-monger's victory


Re: *

"...that the reason why the Rockfort guarding the north end of Kingston harbour..."

It's spelt Roquefort

We don't mean to poo-poo this, but... The Internet of S**t has literally arrived thanks to Pampers smart diapers


When the nappy sends info to the phone, would it be a data dump?

300,000 edgy folk pledge themselves on Facebook to storming supposedly UFO-tastic Area 51


I'm seriously concerned that there won't be enough Darwin awards to go round, meaning we'll have to dip into next years allocation...

The Irony is that most are awarded to Leftpondians, somewhere Darwin never visited.

On the bright side, if any do make it through, they can always escape Earths tender clutches using the captured alien 'B' Ark

Facebook celebrates Independence Day by lighting up American outage maps


Re: Some people never forget

You do realise that the Mayflower was just the first of the 'B' Arks, don't you?

What do we want? Decentralised, non-siloed social media with open standards! When do we want it? Soon!


"whom I don't trust as far as I could kick him"

I'd have to find out just how far I could kick him to make a judgement on that one....

A lot of people say they wouldn't urinate on Zuckerberg if he was on fire - i'm happy to say that I would!

Stop using that MacBook Pro RIGHT NOW, says Uncle Sam: Loyalists suffer burns, smoke inhalation and worse – those crappy keyboards


Re: Customer service?

Most of the current Audi models have the ability to activate / deactivate 'touring lights' mode from the MMI

Whatever you do, don't put the stick-on beam adapters on polycarbonate light covers....

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