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Help the Macless: Apple’s iPadOS is a huge update that will enable more people to do without a Mac... or a PC


I am an iPad Pro user. I have had no choice because it is a work thing. I have to carry a Windows laptop at the same time because the iPad sucks at laptop stuff, and I am afraid this update will not change things at all.

I, like so many others, have found that it is rubbish at being a proper laptop because it does not have a proper filesystem, no mouse support, no options for a desktop browser, and it shockingly bad at multitasking. I paid attention to all the changes that iPadOS brings, but I must say that I am not impressed. The above stuff are NOT nice-to-haves, and they are not amazing technological achievements. They are MINIMUM stuff any laptop should have. Apple makes a song and dance about innovating and bringing us some of these things to the iPad, and they expect us to stand up, applaud, and go out and pay $1,200!!! Although this seems to be a change in the right direction, for me it is a total miss.

PS - I just bought my son a Chromebook for $200. It runs Android apps, has a fully fledged Chrome browser, supports a mouse, has a proper filesystem, and has a reliable multitasking environment. My brother bought a Razor laptop for his photo/video editing tasks for $900. So why would anyone buy an iPad Pro is beyond me.


Re: What the hack is iPadOS?

The sad thing is that it is based on BSD (Unix) but they have messed with the kernel resulting in deficient multitasking for "improved user experience".


Re: iPadOS?

It kills me too. I have recently got a Chromebook for my son and it is amazing, both as a table (runs Android apps) and as a desktop with a proper browser, mouse support, and a filesystem. Google should make more noise about them.


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