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Universal Pictures finds pirated Jurassic World on own localhost, fires off a DMCA takedown

Ian Adams

honey pot

Or does this suggest that they were offering a copy of the film as a torrent honey pot to see who came looking for it and forgot to delete themselves from the list?

British and European data cops probe Facebook user-manipulation scandal

Ian Adams

Informed consent?

The original paper is light on the countries of origins of the "participants"


"The experiments took place for 1 wk (January 11–18, 2012). Participants were randomly selected based on their User ID"


"such that no text was seen by the researchers. As such, it was consistent with Facebook’s Data Use Policy, to which all users agree prior to creating an account on Facebook, constituting informed consent for this research."

Not sure I would consider that informed consent. Supprised that the ethics comittee at Princeton bought it.

All to be found at http://www.pnas.org/content/111/24/8788.full

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too

Ian Adams

BT "light" filtering

Shocked that "alcohol" is blocked in the BT "light" filtering which I guess will be the default for new customers. Tried to find a local Weatherspoons to take the kids on my phone to find that O2 had "blocked" all access to "alcohol related content" which apparently included the local kid friendly pub. This is getting beyond a joke.

yes I'm concerned about my kids learning their sex education from Porn BUT as a parent I'm doing something about that, not just blocking everything and sticking my head in the sand.

Lead ONTO your pencil: Bill Gates pours cash into graphene condoms

Ian Adams

video adverts

Actually not a comment on the story but the $%£^£ video advert for some microsoft product, the sound of which filled my whole open plan office while I scrabbled to work out were the hell it was coming from. Please can I read the news and eat my lunch in peace!!!!!!

Chinese hotel guests find data spaffed all over the internet

Ian Adams

In the US it shoul,d read "protection to their personal data, FROM the force of law

WTF is... NFC

Ian Adams

other UK NFC phones

how about the HTC one X or the Samsung Galaxy SII NFC?

STUNNING NEW APPLE DEVICES that will follow the iPad 3 HD!

Ian Adams


".. it resolves touches at the natural resolution of the average human fingertip and delivers haptic feedback in the third dimension localised at the point of touch"

Does that come from an Apple patent? Waiting for them to sue everyone who ever used a keyboard

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

Ian Adams

So are the trees in the middle a walled garden or are they expanding into walled forests?

Dongling P2P downloaders 2nd-biggest mobe data users

Ian Adams

mobile PAY G data for stealing music?

wouldn't it just be cheaper to pay for the stuff in the first place??

Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared

Ian Adams


isn't this the fundemental flaw with the modern use of passwords, they are either so complex you don't remember or so easy they are insecure. With so many systems requiring passwords we need some better system. I am fed up with phoning some company that I briefly had dealings with a couple of years ago and hearing the shock when i tell then I have no idea what my password is.

I also worry about using password services, it assumes you completely trust the service that is generating and storing them for you. So is "LastPass" safe to trust my life to? There is a huge pot of cash waiting for someone who can come up with a better solution

UN rebrands radiation

Ian Adams

"introduced to supplement the traditional international symbol for radiation"

Was interested in checking this as we have radiations sources and signage at work. According to the Iaea website this sign is "introduced to SUPPLEMENT the traditional international symbol for radiation" and is actually intended for the inside of equipment with particularly dangerous radioactive sources. The sign would only become visible to someone dismanteling the equipment and about to expose the source (ie someone in a junk yard scrapping /nicking bits from old hosiptal equipment) . It is specifically not intended for "building access doors, transportation packages or containers". In these terms it makes a bit more sense although why red and not yellow?

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