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The Empire Strikes Back: Trump discovers $10bn JEDI cloud deal may go to nemesis Jeff Bezos, demands probe


Re: Iranians rooting for oracle

Do you think having to pay for Oracle licences could bankrupt the Government? You may be onto something

Elon Musk's new idea is to hook your noggin up to an AI – but is he just insane about the brain?


Does he have the Alpha version implanted already?

It could explain a few things. Brilliant at somethings, a complete fuckwit at others.

Red flag: Verify to be marked 'undeliverable' by gov projects watchdog


Handed over to the private sector?

Would having over people's information to a 3rd not contravene GDPR?

OR are they just going to hand over a blank MyFirstSQL database.


Re: Unfortunat choice of words perhaps?

I believe the mat that the IPA was sat on contained all the project scope and costing information required.

You ain't getting around UK data laws on a technicality, top judge tells Google


I've always thought the punishment should fit the crime.

For example, if a news paper lies in new reports, every single cm previously devoted to that lie, should have "we lied" in every newspaper printed from that point on,in the same font and on the same pages until it's matched like for like.

In this case Google should be banned from placing ANY paid for ads into someone using the safari browser,until it is matched like for like.


If like the US it goes to a charity / non-profit that is cosy with the company involved.

Chrome on, baby, don't fear The Reaper: Plugin sends CPU-hogging browser processes to hell where they belong


Re: There's another way to make code run efficiently ...

Did you know, that's pretty much what the makers of the game MDK did back in the day. They designed the game then tested it on old hardware, and tweaked it over and over until it ran well on that kit.

These days, if the software runs slow,they expect you to fork out for better hardware, rather than clear out the unused crap.


Re: How about

No point, it would never launch

AI solves Rubik's Cube in 1.2 seconds (that's three times slower than a non-AI algorithm)


If you really want to mess with them, take to cubes and swap a couple of different colours around..


Re: At what point should we start to worry about AI dominance?

Going by that, if we all walk around butt naked that should fool even the most determined killer bot.

Google nuked tech support ads to kill off scammers. OK. It also blew away legit repair shops. Not OK at all


Doesn't surprise me

Having dealt with the Ad team at Google, Arse and Elbows do spring to mind.

Amazon's bugging of homes has German boffins worried that Alexa may be an outlaw


Re: users can delete recordings themselves by accessing recordings through an app or browser.

@Dan 55

It's a joke, but isn't that pretty much how Google operates? Don't want to be tracked and want to delete your history, give information we may not have and that will help us, sorry you, even more

Scientist, war hero and gay icon Alan Turing is new face of the £50 note


I used to get paid in them 25 years or so ago.

Really pissed of McDonalds buying some does with one(they actually stopped accepting them some time back, not sure if still the case)

Virgin Media blocks Imgur, literally tens of people rage at UK ISP


Yup using Google cuts out the middle man. That way they get to see ALL your web traffic for that big fat advertising money.

SQL Server 2008 finally shuffles into the home for retired relational databases


'You're all replying to an AI bot."

Nope, no racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.


Re: You may order one right now!

Is I.Geller A Man From Mars' shouty little brother?

They both seem to come from an alternative reality.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean Google isn't listening to everything you say


" Why do people put this in their homes? "

Because after giving away all their privacy for free stuff for the last couple of decades, they no longer care.

Gone in 120 seconds: Arianespace aims for stars, misses, as UAE satellite launch fails


What's wrong with these folks?

It not Rocket Scie.... Oh

Take the bus... to get some new cables: Raspberry Pi 4s are a bit picky about USB-Cs


Re: "the Pi is not a toy but increasing used for serious jobs"

"Would you like to be in front of an autonomous car built with the cheapest components around?"

Would you like to spend £1000 +on a digital signage rack mounted "server" (read a bog standard PC with a dual port card) or £25 on a Raspberry pi to do EXACTLY the same role, in a much smaller space, drawing much less power and getting into placed the rack version can't.

Like many commentators, you have a VERY blinkered view when it comes to the meaning of professional use.

Fyi, many of the largest digital signage companies actually support and recommend the Pi.

Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice


Ok am I missing the scandal here?

So you ask Alexia a question it goes to effectively a publically accessible website and gives an answer.

How is that worse than looking it up on Google, going to the website, have Google and God knows who else tracking you on that website and following where you go next.

Yes Noscript and all that, bit here we are talking about the other 99.99% of the population.

To me it seems more private toJoe Public than using a web search or mobile app.

Marriott's got 99 million problems and the ICO's one: Starwood hack mega-fine looms over


Re: Collateral damage in the Cyberwar

I wish I could down vote you more than once.

1. They were in their systems for 4 years.

2. The details were unencrypted

3. "burglarized" that itself deserves a dozen downvotes on it's own.

Years late to the SMB1-killing party, Samba finally dumps the unsafe file-sharing protocol version by default


Re: SMB1 is important

"As Microsoft doesn't support anythiny but their most recent products, it is important to be able to still use SMB1 as that's what a _lot_ of Windows machines only support.The SMBv2 protocol was introduced in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008."

The SMBv2 protocol was introduced in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

The SMBv3 protocol was introduced in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

In fact MS recommended NOT disabling 2&3 as it would break many services.

Yorkshire bloke's Jolly Roger flag given the heave-ho after council receives one complaint


No problem.

"anything not an official flag of a state, naval ensign, county or military force"

May I suggest the flag of North Korea or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a good alternative.

Dear El Reg, Will Windows 10 break my VPN? I read it on the web so it must be true


Re: RASMAN ? fuggedabowtit, use OVPN/Passepartoute and PiVPN

Sure, a corporation running Windows server 2016 is going to go Hmmmm let's forget the 10+GBS of throughout of this server and it's built in VPN, let's shove it through a 5 year old raspberry pi instead.

Got an 'old' Tesla? Musk promises 'self-driving' upgrade chip ship by end of 2019


Re: Self Driving RoboTaxis is what Tesla want ASAP

"If the dinosaur councils in the UK are not planning for this sort of thing then that is there lookout."

Until councils have the power to prevent rain, fog and snow, I don't think they need worry about self driving taxis quite yet.

Chinese government has got it 'spot on' when it comes to face-recog tech says, er, London's Met cops' top rep


Think about the opportunities!

"Sorry to have stopped you sir, we had you flagged as a terrorist, but I can now see you have no weapons or bombs on you, you are free to go"

"No problem officer, thanks for the tip off. I'm off to (insert city) now"

Medway Council reforms eforms to stop blurting out residents' details


I agree, fine a cash strapped council. Just let them what services to drop.

Cloudflare gave everyone a 30-minute break from a chunk of the internet yesterday: Here's how they did it


Re: I'm worried they'll outlaw Kodi in some unenforceable way...

That's what good old phased rollouts are for. Why have they make an immediate, global change?

Go back, read the WHOLE article

Crikey, that's FAST: China clocks 84 pulsars in 2 years using world's largest radio telescope



We need some of this pulsars and if we can't get them we need to stop the Chinese having access to them. Got it, we'll make it a national security issue.....

ReactOS 'a ripoff of the Windows Research Kernel', claims Microsoft kernel engineer


Re: @heyrick - Sounds like a bored dev is trying to make a name for himself

"I would say buying someone else's work and representing it as your own instead of as a derivative work, does not meet criteria for we're honest representation of origin."

Then I suggest as a protest you throw any technology you have bought in the last 10, if not 20 years, as nearly every big player has bought in someone else's work and sold it as there own

Hell, Rubens flogged others artwork as his own and don't even mention Andy Worhol

$30/month email upstart Superhuman brought low with a blast of privacy Kryptonite


Maybe I'm wrong

But don't most web email platforms block trackers by default anyway?

You normally have to click on some sort of banner saying "enable content"

Google open sources standardized code in bid to become Mr Robots.txt


Re: That's your problem right there

You have to allow for alternative spellings, to cater for the American mangling of the English language.

We are shocked to learn oppressive authoritarian surveillance state China injects spyware into foreigners' smartphones


At least they are open about it...

Unlike say the Israeli (Pegasus) and Italian (Exodus) spyware that get covertly installed on those pesky human rights folks phones.

Poetic justice: Mum funnels £100 into claw machine to win single Dumbo teddy for her kid


Has no one considered the alternative?

Maybe she's just shit at it. The attendant felt sorry for her, put it in idiot test mode, let her win, then put it back to normal mode.

I got 502 problems, and Cloudflare sure is one: Outage interrupts your El Reg-reading pleasure for almost half an hour


Re: Independence

I've used Cloudflare on my little website and even with that I can see the advantages.

Faster response times, less load on the server, huge savings on bandwidth, Geoblocking and on and on.

They said what the fault was and they are trying to work out what happened.


Re: "bad software deploy"

I take it you understand the size of Cloudflare? That will be one hell of a test lab. And even then something as a slight different NIC can take it down. All the best laid plans etc

Yuge U-turn: Prez Trump walks back on Huawei ban... at least the tech sector seems to think so


and we look forward to getting more detail on the president's remarks on Huawei.

"And we look forward to someone to translating the gibberings of a mad man"


Your server remote login isn't root:password, right? Cool. You can keep your data. Oh sh... your IoT gear, though?


Re: "targeting [..] companies within Saudi Arabia [..]"

I think he thinks all brown Muslim are in it together.

Just like both sets of white Christians got on so well in Ireland / Northern Ireland

Hey China, while you're in all our servers, can you fix these support tickets? IBM, HPE, Tata CS, Fujitsu, NTT and their customers pwned


correct me if I'm wrong ..

But don't many of those companies sell their own cyber (euughh) defence services?

The Eldritch Horror of Date Formatting is visited upon Tesco


I spotted it a mile off.

Just because a major US motoring manufacturer insists on the bloody format.

To make it even more confusing try matching up our system (week numbers) with this.

So this year week one started on 18365 and week two 19006.

It's even more confusing as the years move on and the dates get more skewed.

Remember that crypto-exchange boss who mysteriously died after his customers' coins disappeared? Of course he totally stole them


Just to think...

There are likely thousands more of these cryptocurrencies, being run by equally dodgy characters, with equally dodgy people buying into them.

Then there are just idiots.

BGP super-blunder: How Verizon today sparked a 'cascading catastrophic failure' that knackered Cloudflare, Amazon, etc



If the traffic goes down and happens to b erouted to a Chinese ISP, it's state level hacking.

If a US company reroutes a stack of traffic taking down some of the largest online businesses around, it's a cock up.


Tech jocks tell Trump: Tariff tiff with China will not achieve what you think it will achieve


of course he forgets China can play the waiting game

...wait until the companies move production back to the USA inbig enough numbers, then slap an export ban on Rare Earth materials for "environmental reasons" (this is already being contemplated).

The rest of the world simply cannot respond to that kind of drop in production.

Kids can be so crurl: Lead dev unchuffed with Google's plan to remake curl in its own image


Adobe chomps down more fat subs revenue, points sucking straw at all your delicious customer data


Don't use Facebook and pay cash wherever possible.

That buggers their businesses models up.

Yes, yes, you neef to work hard to escape them completely.

Imagine being charged to take a lunch break... even if you didn't. Welcome to the world of these electronics assembly line workers


Re: Americistan??

Sorry but I'll think you'll find this applies to a great many countries around the world

The harder you physically work, the lower you get paid and the more you get shit on.

Microsoft, you should look away now: Google's cloud second only to AWS in dev survey


So in other words

Azure users are less likely to click random shit on the internet and fill in questionable "surveys" online.

And some people say MS users are the stupid ones.

HPE: Since y'all love cloud subs so much, we'll throw all our boxes into GreenLake by 2022


Technology as a service?

Fancy way of putting "you're renting it"


Spin the wheel and find today's leaky cloud DB... *clack clack... clack* A huge trove of medical malpractice complaints


Not sure on the HIPPA bit

Going by "Practitioners and other healthcare providers cannot release any identifying information about their patients without written permission." I'm not sure this applies, as it is not the professional bodies that have "lost" this info, as it was the victims themselves that supplied the info to a 3rd party who then lost it.

Now if the USA wasn't so corrupted by big business, they may get some decent laws to cover this, but no doubt they'll just end up with another years free credit checking.

Youtube Queue Chrome extension booted out of store for search engine hijacking, revealing Google's lax dev checks


so tempting

" Google today announced the release of its Suspicious Site Reporter "

Knowing how Google like everything to be automated, how about if everyone decided to report double-click.


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