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Planes, fails and automobiles: Overseas callout saved by gentle thrust of server CD tray

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Big Bang .......



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Re: I've been doing it that way for decades!

You have a real practical managerial point of view.

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Re: airport security

I once carried a real full Leatherman through Heathrow, in leather pouch on my belt.

Passed a see-through container of confiscated goodies, all was well and stayed that way till me was home.

Got lucky I guess.

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" And Brad, of course, was in Europe,

UK != Europe

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Paris Hilton

UK != Europe

" And Brad, of course, was in Europe,“

Which about says it all about Brexit.

You go that way, we'll go Huawei: China Computer Federation kicks back at IEEE in tit-for-tat spat

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Poop is flying all over the world and will hit the fan.

Go on moving on to try avoid the poop.

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Re: Soo, a US-based corporation is subject to US law

US corps weren’t forced to move their labour to China.

Oh, the massive sky dong? Contrails from 'standard' F-35 training, US Air Force insists

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Airange One

Wow, talk about a Maine-wave: US state says ISPs need permission to flog netizens' personal data

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Re: Market Forces

If you leave the choice to corps, the choice the consumer (should) want(s), will not be available.

I need an internet connection with low speed and low cap, worth € 10,=.

Only i can buy cheapest mobile €23!=, cheapest copper € 27,=, cheapest fibre € 30,=. All per month.

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Re: Socialism!!

Hang her up! Hang her up!

Hang her down! Hang her down!

IEEE tells contributors with links to Chinese corp: Don't let the door hit you on Huawei out

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Re: careful

I am very sorry for the 99%-ers, but I am close to the point that when I read anything containing the letters “US” or “American (sic)”, I am gonna vomit. All due to the Orange-Utan & his Trumpansees.

Apple's privacy schtick is just an act, say folks suing the iGiant: iTunes 'purchase histories sold' to data slurpers

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Ooooooo non-fan-boi here rethinking some purchases............

It's the curious case of the vanishing iPhone sales as Huawei grabs second place off Apple in smartmobe stakes

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Re: The new phones are simply too expensive for what they offer

I bought my SE brandnew, at a discount, as a FASHION device. It now acts as my primary internet hub. I have an iPad (truly old, but 3 YEARS WARRANTY) that serves all my daily internet woes. Chaturbate on split screen is like 2 hookers 4 D price of 1.

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Re: Marketing

That’s the whole point, most of people in China, it’s transition into China world, as opposed 2 at this moment we are in U$A world.

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Re: Yes this is their Hongmeng OS

War is on and there will be casualties.........

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Re: Three

Not huuway, but just a global NUS operating system. The world will be moving to a Non United States set of just about everything. U$A is in an internal political power war, it will eat eatself. Sparta all over again.

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Re: Upping your game

All went to China because of cheap labour, (human rights, environment, working conditions), could’ve stayed at home, but politicians were responsible, so nothing happened, or more precise, the road to were we are right now in the world was made into a trunkroad.

That's a hell of Huawei to run a business, Chinese giant scolds FedEx after internal files routed via America

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Tip, use your local or national post/package service.

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I think it wasnt Malice, but just Alice, and we all follow the White Rabbit.

Tesla's autonomous lane changing software is worse at driving than humans, and more

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Batteries are a bad thing.

Just in general, and always.

Hydraulic accumulators, that’s nice!

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Re: The Allen Institute

ai ai,

Exclamation of bad things to come, in Dutch.

US Air Force probes targeted malware attack, blames... er, the US Navy? What?

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