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Mike drop, DXC-ya later! Lawrie immediately ejects as CEO from IT outsourcing giant


Re: his pedigree

Exactly: Accenture. From reading, it seems like he was a hatchet man there, laying off vast swathes of employees and offshoring whatever he could.

This guy is no savior for DXC.



Why on earth are you celebrating? This guy was hand-picked by Lawrie. What makes you think, given his pedigree, that he will do anything remotely helpful to employees remaining at DXC?

Now, if the board had fired Lawrie and brought this guy in to sort out the mess, sure; maybe. Bu that's not the case. And Lawrie's cold, dead hand is still there...

Another 3,900 staffers gone, 3 data centres to be closed, and yet DXC revenues keep falling


CLEARly, DXC is a people-first company

"It is taking longer to eliminate the head count as we automate activities."

Yup; eliminate people first.

Not all heroes wear capes: Contractor grills DXC globo veep on pay rises, offshoring, and cuts to healthcare help


Re: Thanks from the missus

... it would be delicious if she ends up contracting for DXC ...

Do not, under any circumstances, become a DXC contractor.

Contractors get royally fucked every possible way. Note that, in the US at least, contractor invoices are paid 90 days after the invoice due date.

So consider this: She's finished up with DXC as an employee, and has lined up contracting work with the client on behalf of DXC. She does her first week of work, dutifully invoices DXC, and won't see that money for several months.

Avoid DXC. Just don't do anything for them. They are a toxic cesspool the fucks anyone and everyone over. Contract to the client directly if possible. And the client will be better off without DXC anyway.


Re: BS

... and even then the counter offer will be limited to a maximum of 10% more than your current DXC salary

That tidbit I did not know. I would love to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. The HR principle of "We employ you? Get fucked then." continues to be applied in all areas.


Re: BS

I find this, of all the toxic DXC behaviors, one of the more toxic behaviors.

So in order to get a pay rise, you need to find another company willing to hire you and go through the entire interview process (which could be four or five interviews) to get that signed letter of offer.

You take that letter of offer to your manager and DXC will match the toppling salary. They will never match the bottom line take-home salary.

What a titanic waste of time for the employee and the employees of the company that you just interviewed at. The level of disrespect here for everyone involved is immense.


Re: BS

Agreed. I discussed with my manager in January 2018 about a merit increase, and he agreed. So did his manager. In fact, all the way up to the manager of our division agreed that a merit increase was indeed merited.

By November 2018, nothing had happened.

This wasn't an isolated incident; the droves of people quitting said exactly the same things.

It should be noted, too, that whilst DXC may not believe in the outdated concept of annual raises, it sure as hell believes in sticking it to employees every possible opportunity. My take-home pay fell, rather reliably, every six months.

So glad I'm out of this rotting carcass of a company.

DXC Technology warns techies that all travel MUST now be authorised


Re: Welcome to DXC, what can't we do for you today

To be fair (and I can't believe I just said that), we had exactly the same policy in the US, and it really didn't impact the ERP side that much. The two week lead time isn't such a big deal for regular consulting, and for critical emergencies we all work remote anyway. Most customers who have their own IT infrastructure have their own staff, so if the core database server goes down there's not much point having a technical consultant on site until the server is up - and when the server is up, you can remote in anyway.

I'm sure that for a class of customer this is going to cause real issues, but DXC doesn't;t care about those customers anyway.

Driving Xtreme Cuts: DXC Technology waves bye bye to 45% of Americas Security divison


Re: How long until...

DXC are totally left without any real customers, business offering or meaningful revenue?

It could be a few years, actually.

Talking with a soon-to-be-ex-DXC buddy, in my old section hiring is frantic to replace the people leaving - but experience isn't entering the building. It's people wanting to get started in their careers that are being hired.

Remaining customers are satisfied for now as they are seeing new names replacing old names, but even that is drawing attention. Sheer inertia is keeping some of them; contracts with DXC hosting of services is keeping others. But the tide will turn, and DXC will be yet another giant shell.


...these "more specialised and more scarce" security skills are available in Low Cost Countries, are they?

Why yes; yes they are.

There is a seeming inexhaustible supply of security engineers, support staff with deep rapport with clients, highly skilled developers and more in low-cost countries. Oh wait - that rapidly becomes high cost. Oops; my bad.


Re: Training your replacement?

"Knowledge transfer" before you go....

Bwahahahahahahahahaha... "knowledge transfer"... I gave two weeks notice. They tried to squeeze the knowledge transfer into about three hours on the final day to a guy who quit three weeks later.

D☠️C doesn't care enough about customers to ensure a proper knowledge transfer. All D☠️C cares about is having people seeming to have the knowledge so that customers don't immediately leave.

We asked readers what DXC should be known for... and of course you came up with the goods


Re: Did someone at The Register used to work at DXC, I think perhap so

"With the amount of articles about DXC and the negative slant, I think someone at El Reg used to work for DXC and did not leave on happy terms."

I'm confused. You have something positive to say about that festering shithole of a company? I would love to hear it!

Disclaimer: I use to work for D☠️C!


A pity

A pity that "at DXC, we're not satisfied until you're not satisfied" wasn't an option, because that has a beautiful consistency for DXC's attitude to both customers and employees.

It's also somewhat politer than "I'm Mike Lawrie. Fuck you."

DXC Technology exec: What should our brand be known for?


Re: Greed

When you are CEO, chairman of the board AND get your steak cut up for you, who is there to hold you accountable?


Re: Management decision

You have it so right.

If it weren't for those outrageous customer expectations that DXC actually supply services, then DXC wouldn't have to employ those wasteful cost-centers known as employees.

If only customers got with the program and simply paid vast amounts of cash to DXC without any expectations of anything in return then DXC's would would be a much better place.


Re: Lost - Season3

Contractor terms ar in arrears 5 weeks? You got of lightly; here in the US our contractors were paid 90 days in arrears from the invoice due date. So when a contractor / external partner was developing a minor piece of code - say, the entire credit card processing part - and their invoices were not paid at 30 days, then they, to the great delight of our customers, simply stopped working.

In once case, this caused the sudden postponement of a go-live.

Now, we all welcomed the extra time to complete the project to the customer's satisfaction, so there was a silver lining there. But it was poorly handled; DXC didn't tell our section that this was the policy; it certainly didn't tell the external partners. The contractors may have known; not sure.


Re: Don't eXpect Competence

Don't eXpect Compensation

Black Wednesday: DXC hosting services wonky for almost 8 hours after core switches go rogue


Fun fact: Us experienced ones who have got the hell out of this rotting carcass have noticed something interesting: the hand-off / knowledge transfer is not happening, or if it is happening it's rushed an incomplete.

When I gave notice, I was left alone to finish up what work I could, with a rough customer hand-off dome for one client on the last day.

When a co-worker (a solution architect) gave notice, she was left alone. Then in the last few days it was realized she had 35 current client projects and then all hell broke loose. The hand-offs were rushed and incomplete again.

There is a real "head in the sand" approach going on here... and it's accelerating the clients that are leaving because they are not being looked after!

DXC Technology seeks volunteers to take redundancy. No grads, apprentices, and 'quota carrying' sales folk


Re: What this really means

Yeah; except clients DO notice. When I left for greener pastures, two clients followed me. Other clients are looking closely at the situation as the practice bleeds talent faster than can be recruited.

DXC: We axed 10k staff, shut nine data centres, closed 4.6m sq ft of office space... and sales tumbled, funnily enough


This is why I'm following those people on LinkedIn. If I see, say, Mike Gillis heading to a company I know to never go there because of the devastation he will bring. Same for all his "leadership" team; the collective incompetence they can amass is mind blowing. On the other hand, I followed (eventually) an ex-leader of an acquired company to his new company, simply because he is damn good.


Re: Bets, anyone?

"How long before HP cry foul on the merger with CSC and sue the directors of CSC for misrepresentation?"

Not going to happen. As bad as DXC is right now (and CSC was), HPE Services was in much worse shape. I use to work for DXC, and worked alongside some HPE folks on a few projects. So how bad was HPE Services? According to multiple people who told me this, Firings were a weekly occurrence as HPE needed to reduce costs. Is your project billable this week? You're safe. If the project wasn't billable this week, you're name was in the had for dismissal. Then two or three lucky souls would be fired, and the grim process starts again the following Monday.

The HPE people were grateful for the merger, as at least they could keep their jobs.


Re: Hiring for SUCCESS

This. Entire. Thread.


Re: Another corporate sacking them off...

As an ex-employee of a company gobbled up by DXC, the good ones leave as soon as they can because DXC is probably the worst, most toxic employer on the planet.

Forget about annual pay reviews; they are gone. My experience was that DXC cut my pay every six months. Although my entire management chain felt I deserved a merit increase to my pay, HR nixed it. I needed to extend my work visa: DXC messed that up. Management wanted to eliminate the department I worked in, and replace it with something that looked the same but couldn’t really be described.

And then cane the off-shore push. All technical work was to be done in India; we were supposed to co-ordinate that work with the client.

Don’t feel sorry for the good staff; they can find better work elsewhere. Feel sorry for the clients who have long term contract with this toxic puddle called DXC.

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