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SWIFT finally pushes two-factor auth in banks – it only took several multimillion-dollar thefts


Did the bank officials in Bangladesh sold their identities and passwords? Who knows...it is mega sums. And the money got transferred to a bank in Manila and a banker there, took it to the casino. A few days later it came out in clean cash, got on a chartered plane to Macau.

SWIFT denies wrongdoing and any faults. It is more like CYA...who will admit their systems have flaws.

I simply cannot trust SWIFT 100% but have no choice. They have the monopoly on global funds transfer. And cyber thieves...including possibly even insiders in SWIFT could have sold secrets to cyber criminals. This is the world of big fraud and money can buy insider knowledge.

Biometrics using multiple checks... DNA, fingerprint, IRIS scan and facial scan are needed. And where there mega sums transferred on bank holidays and week-ends, such transfers have to be suspended until someone in NY can verify. Or that there is bank auditor who can verify etc.

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